Iflexion builds custom apps for retailers, wholesalers, and ecommerce businesses in both the B2B and B2C domains.

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Our Retail Software Development Services

Iflexion specializes in end-to-end retail and digital commerce development, from technology consulting to omnichannel digital transformation.

Retail App Development

Our web and mobile retail app development team delivers solutions for all retailer-to-consumer processes as well as automate specific operations, from warehouse management to payment processing. We choose to build solutions based on microservices to let you handle millions of users as well as scale easily when your business grows.

System Integration

To avoid data losses and establish a fully-functional operational hub, we integrate retail software with required data sources and third-party systems, such as ERPs, CRMs, ecommerce platforms, POS, and others. To make external systems communicate seamlessly, we use pre-built APIs and create custom connectors.

Migration and Reengineering

To help our customers retire their outdated legacy systems for a more competitive approach, we offer to replace obsolete software through migration and reengineering. We migrate data without downtime and losses, preserve vital features, and ensure operational continuity during the migration.

Ecommerce Development

We offer ecommerce development services to help our customers provide an exceptional experience by unifying their touchpoints and getting access to valuable analytics, among other business-critical features. We also build custom ecommerce apps and plugins on top of market-leading platforms such as Magento, SAP Commerce Cloud, and other.

Specialized Retail Software Solutions

Iflexion’s retail app development team builds solutions to cover any aspect of retail activities, from inventory and billing to communication with customers.

Retail Inventory Management Software

Iflexion’s inventory management apps help accumulate and store product information in a single database and ensure their easy updating. Using machine learning and IoT technologies, we enable our software to track inventory and produce smart insights regarding consumer behavior and demand forecasts. We can also automate inventory tracking in order to boost your stock planning accuracy.

Retail POS Software

We develop and integrate both cloud-based and on-premises POS software to process different payment types, be it cash, cards, checks, or mobile devices, as well as automate returns processing in the most suitable way for buyers. To leverage a POS system as one of the richest data sources, we set up analytics and reporting to gather intelligence and provide insights on each sales channel performance.

Loyalty Management Software

We create customer loyalty management software and mobile apps. Besides helping consumers generate their loyalty bonuses, our apps can track purchases and spot consumer behavior trends, which can be used for personalizing offers and prices as well as running targeted marketing campaigns. We can also integrate our software with proximity technologies to augment loyalty program members’ in-store experience.

Workforce Management Software for Retail Stores

Iflexion’s engineers create apps for frontline workers and managers to coordinate sales floor activities, schedule shifts, make data-driven decisions, and provide instant and efficient help to visitors. We can also build corporate portals for managing recruiting, onboarding, performance, payroll, collaboration across departments, and more.
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Innovative Retail Ops Software

Iflexion applies innovative technologies to help retail companies successfully transform their businesses, connect multiple customer touchpoints, and provide a truly consistent omnichannel experience.

We leverage machine learning, NLP, computer vision, and other intelligent technologies to enhance various aspects of the retail industry with the help of:

  • Voice assistants for self-checkout and information points
  • Facial recognition for secure facility access and theft prevention
  • Customer behavior analysis to identify patterns and personalize the experience
  • A recommendation engine to offer products based on customers’ preferences

We help our customers digitize their brick-and-mortar stores and connect offline and online experiences by developing IoT-based software:

  • Beacons to send push notifications to customers near and in the store and help visitors with in-store navigation
  • Smart shelves with sensors to track product availability and replenish stock in time
  • POS terminals and mobile apps to automate the checkout
  • Cameras and sensors to optimize navigation and space usage

We make use of AR and VR technologies when developing retail software to create memorable shopping experiences with:

  • Interactive fitting rooms to assist customers with their purchasing decisions
  • Product visualization for a virtual try-on
  • In-store AR navigation accompanied with personalized offers
  • VR store tours

Iflexion helps customers accumulate and analyze their operational data from different sources to generate insights on:

  • Customer behavior to personalize offers 
  • Supply chain to optimize product inventory and react to changes in consumer demand
  • Operations to optimize staffing and plan new store locations
  • Products to spot fast and slow movers, frequently claimed and returned goods, and so on


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