Custom POS System for Global Provider of Payment Processing Solutions

  • Full-featured POS systems
  • Solution management platform for 24/7 access to POS systems, online statistics, menu planners, and employee management tools
  • Development stream for 10 projects and 3 teams from around the globe
Web & Enterprise Portals
Ruby on Rails

Iflexion helped a provider of payment processing solutions release two POS systems, stabilize a solution management platform, upgrade Android firmware, and support the whole ecosystem of products.

  • Java
  • Microsoft .NET
  • Ruby



Our customer has been providing full-featured payment processing solutions for the foodservice and retail industries for more than 20 years. The customer’s ecosystem of products includes a financial statistics tool, a reports portal for the company management, a solution management platform, a web portal for sales managers, four mobile applications, and a help desk solution.

The company’s business development strategy is to increase their client base by offering custom POS software with an intuitive UI and stable performance. The devices can be customized to fit the specific design and technology needs of end users.


Initially, the customer worked on POS system 1, targeted at small and medium-sized retail businesses. As their technology partner had a limited resource pool, the customer decided to augment the project team. They chose Iflexion as a new POS software development company because we had worked with the customer in the past on the retail software development project and proved to be a reliable partner.

Later, to expand the client base, the customer decided to create POS system 2, adding new features and enhancing user experience to attract large enterprises. After the successful release of POS system 1, Iflexion's ecommerce developers proceeded with the new version of the system.

The scope of work for our team included not only POS system development but also stabilizing the solution management platform, upgrading the Android firmware for the customer’s devices, and a range of smaller services, so we appointed a dedicated team for the project.


POS Systems

By the time Iflexion took on the POS system 1 project, it had been in the development phase for more than 18 months. We started with a pilot project, developing a web interface that allowed for managing the custom POS software remotely and generating reports. Iflexion’s experts delivered the web interface module and helped the customer release a closed beta version of the system. The release proved to be a success.

Following the beta version release, Iflexion helped the customer deliver POS system 1, a SaaS web-based payment processing and employee management solution for small and medium businesses. It is a tool for basic sales management, employee performance monitoring, and financial statistics review. The solution is module-based, which allows end users to choose the features that they need and hide the rest.

POS system 2 developed by Iflexion's development team is a SaaS web-based enterprise payment processing solution. It is created for restaurant and bar owners to transfer money safely. The solution is user-friendly, allowing the end users to manage tables, online and offline orders, menus, employee working hours, and more, all on one screen. The custom POS system is also bank- and processor-neutral. It offers accounting and auditing features, credit card transactions, and mobile payments, as well as 24/7 user support.

As end users’ needs vary, Iflexion developed the POS system 2 to be easily customizable. This way, when there is a need to add a specific feature, the POS system can be integrated with other solutions on the customer’s Developer Marketplace.

In a year after the POS system 2 release, the customer’s user base tripled and now counts more than 100 thousands clients.

Solution Management Platform

The customer’s Cloud solution management platform receives all the data from the POS systems, allowing for 24/7 access to them, as well as online statistics, menu planners, and employee management tools. Iflexion backend JavaScript developers improved the platform’s stability and performance.

Our team also worked out the real-time two-way synchronization between the POS systems and the platform. We designed and developed time-clock management and employee scheduling modules for the platform. In addition to that, in 4 weeks, Iflexion’s team delivered a mass rollout tool to migrate the client data to the new platform version.

Android Firmware Upgrade

Iflexion’s embedded software development team upgraded the firmware of the customer’s POS systems to the latest Android version. Migrating to the latest Android version provides for the automated updates function that delivers OS-level security patches and improves the performance. The automated updates mechanism also ensures smooth future firmware upgrades to new Android versions. Iflexion’s team continuously introduces new Android features and provides support for new Android devices.

Other Projects

Iflexion’s specialists also worked on the following projects:

  • Developing a financial statistics visualization tool for internal use, written in Ember.js
  • Creating an admin web interface of the mobile app to set up system parameters for restaurant managers
  • Delivering a web portal for sales managers and resellers to get marketing materials about products, show POS systems to prospects, order samples, and create documents for digital signing
  • Developing an iPad sales management app to automate the onboarding process for new clients by creating accounts for them. The customer updates the paperwork for order processing every three months. Iflexion team developed a method to speed up the process of aligning the customer’s iPad and online products with the paperwork updates. Now it takes 2-3 weeks instead of several months
  • Bug fixing and stabilizing the ASP.NET reports portal. The portal allows for tracking financial data and bookkeeping, as well as gathering information for business predictions
  • Stabilizing, debugging, supporting, and developing new features for an ASP.NET MVC command center

Developing static websites for the branding and marketing campaigns conducted by the customer. We provided code refactoring making the websites fast and mobile-friendly.



Iflexion’s team reviewed the customer’s products and provided audit results with a recommendations list for each of them. Then the team performed code refactoring, products stabilization, and debugging. When needed, our developers delivered new functionality. Now Iflexion’s team proceeds with the project by continuous testing and support of the products.

We established the process of regular deliveries for stable product versions. With our help, the customer got SDLC best practices, including debugging, CI & CD configuration, code review setup, pull-requests, GitFlow, and version release methods. Continuous testing allowed for delivering high-quality code that required only two QA engineers for final check-ups on the customer side.

Project Management

The customer has a cross-national team working on their software and hardware, with 20 experts in the USA and 40 in Europe. Iflexion became part of the team adding 21 experts to the POS system development and improvement of other customer’s products. As we have been working with several geographically dispersed teams, we have consolidated the technical and domain knowledge in one scalable development stream. We provide an expert for every project in the ecosystem, thus understanding the full scope of work for each solution.

To ensure fast issue resolution, some members of our team permanently work at the US office, while others go on frequent trips to the customer’s site. To streamline the training and onboarding process, Iflexion’s project manager also helped choose the right specialists for the European team.

We’ve divided the work on the project into two-week sprints with daily stand-ups. We also regularly provide the customer with deliverables and achievement presentations. In addition, Iflexion’s experts introduced the tech talks practice, where we discuss project issues and find unconventional solutions. 


POS systems

Java, Android SDK, SQLite, RabbitMQ, Gradle, Kotlin.

Solution management platform

Node.js, Express, Sequelize, PostgreSQL.

Development infrastructure

Jira, Confluence, Git, Jenkins, Sonar, Docker, Crashlytics.

Hosting infrastructure

AWS S3, Amazon ECS, Docker.


Iflexion helped the customer:

  • Release POS systems 1 and 2
  • Stabilize the solution management platform
  • Update the Android platform
  • Implement new software tools for internal use, enhancing the company’s business processes

During the course of cooperation, Iflexion demonstrated the ability to create professional teams in a matter of weeks. We stabilized the inherited solutions and added new functionality. Our experts helped the customer organize the process of product releases and cut costs. We established the effective and transparent development process and got the communication between experts from different countries up and running. We also provided for the client onboarding to take 2-3 weeks instead of several months.

Since Iflexion developers proved to be valuable team members, the customer decided to hand over the support activities to us. Our experts continue working on stabilizing, debugging, and supporting the custom POS system and the whole ecosystem of the customer’s products.


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