Salesforce Retail Solution for Advanced CX and Supply Management

  • Salesforce retail CRM with supplier management and Einstein analytics
  • Data synchronization across Salesforce CRM, ERP, and web store
  • 37% sales growth in the first quarter
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Iflexion delivered a Salesforce solution to help an organic product retailer boost sales through better customer experience and supplier management.

  • Salesforce platform
  • Salesforce service cloud
  • Salesforce sales cloud
  • Salesforce Einstein
  • rest api



The customer is a US retail startup selling organic products, from home-made soap to low-carb foods, across online and physical outlets. From the very beginning, they paid extra attention to their roster of organic product suppliers to serve only the most appropriate items to their online and offline shoppers. These priorities helped the company quickly promote organic products in their region and increase the number of stores.


As the business was growing, our customer was adding more distribution channels and expanding their customer base into new regions. This made it difficult for them to keep providing one-to-one customer experience. In addition, supplier management became a rather sophisticated task: with hundreds of partners in the database, the team was still managing their accounts and updating the online store catalog manually.

To better manage their relationships with customers and suppliers, the company decided to use Salesforce. To customize and implement the platform, they chose Iflexion for our experience with both retail software and Salesforce consulting projects.


After examining the company’s requirements, our certified experts designed a retail Salesforce solution.

Customer journeys and personalization

Customer journeys. Iflexion helped the company visualize typical customer journeys. This turned disparate interactions via ads, emails, online content, and in-store assistance into a customer engagement process that can turn one-time buyers into loyal shoppers.

Specifically, together with Iflexion, the company designed and visualized organic food shoppers’ journey. For them, the interaction workflow covers timely delivery of relevant articles and recipes, notifications about new arrivals to the web store, and invitations to cooking workshops.

Routine automation. At the same time, the team automated such trivial tasks as sending transactional emails, order confirmations, and shipping notifications. This now helps the sales team focus on personalizing communication in more important contexts.

Prediction-based personalization. Iflexion also configured the Salesforce Einstein predictive features. This enabled more relevant online product recommendations, as well as linking emails to customers’ browsing history and life events mentioned by sales reps in respective customers’ profiles.

Automating supplier management 

To make supplier management more effective, Iflexion’s team automated the following tasks, among others:

  • checking brand compliance
  • onboarding suppliers
  • generating agreements
  • invoicing

We also configured reports for the company’s team to monitor the performance of each partner’s products. Automated workflows and step-by-step guides helped the company’s team streamline the approval of new organic brands and start managing purchase orders more effectively.

Syncing data company-wide

Iflexion integrated the Salesforce solution with the company’s web store and ERP to sync orders and inventory data in real time.

ERP data sync helps the company ensure that shoppers add only in-stock items to the cart. When the number of item subscriptions for out-of-stock products reaches a certain level, the Salesforce solution automatically generates orders to partner brands. 

Web store data sync helps the company add new customers to the Salesforce retail CRM automatically without any data losses or duplication. With complete customer profiles, including purchase history, browsing behaviors, and records from the web store chat, the company’s sales team can better understand their shoppers and make marketing activities more targeted and engaging.

Development Process

Requirements collection and analysis. Our Salesforce consultants started by exploring the company’s legacy CRM, ERP, and web store. After analyzing requirements and end users’ pain points, our team came up with the roadmap and clickable mockups of the key dashboards and reports to be developed.

Salesforce configuration. Iflexion’s team configured Salesforce’s out-of-the-box features, set up workflows, reports, and dashboards, fine-tuned content templates, and enabled Salesforce Einstein-powered analytics. When it was required, our team customized the platform using Salesforce-approved tools and processes.

Data synchronization bridge. To enable on-the-fly data synchronization between the customer’s systems (ERP and the web store), Iflexion developed and incorporated a bridge web application into the Salesforce system.

Continuous testing. We tested the solution’s performance, usability, and security.


Salesforce retail CRM:

Salesforce Platform, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce Einstein, Lightning Platform

Salesforce integration with the web store and ERP:

Lightning Component, REST API, Apex Code


Our Salesforce retail CRM solution helped the organic product retailer maintain a highly personalized approach to each customer despite their rapid business expansion.

At the same time, a big portion of supplier management tasks was automated to help the team focus on increasing their sales. Data analytics and sales reports helped the company identify the highest-value suppliers, as well as design effective marketing campaigns based on supplier performance data.

Now, the company keeps expanding to new locations, winning new customers and encouraging repeat purchases with their loyal audience. As a result, in the first quarter after their Salesforce solution’s release, the customer’s sales grew by 37%.


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