We design and implement modern, business-oriented and user-friendly web portals to aid enterprises in leveling up their customer engagement.

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Design Audit

Iflexion’s team will run a holistic examination of your corporate ecosystem, customers, and competitors to come up with feasible portal design recommendations. Together, we will lay out the project’s concept, define its scope and deliverables.

UX Design

We thoroughly map out your audience’s behavior with detailed user personas, storyboards, and experience journeys and then prototype the information architecture, navigation structure, and user flows that will collectively contribute to users’ ultimate convenience.

UI Design

We build up the prototyped web portal UX design with the graphical user interface. To create a unique look and feel, we pick or develop from scratch input and navigation elements, such as buttons, input fields, date pickers, menus, etc., while ensuring stylistic consistency of color schemes, fonts, and media formatting.

Brand Collateral

Our design team can develop a unified library containing brand-inspired color palettes, fonts and typography, logos, icons, and custom graphical elements, as well as incorporate them into the portal interface.


We will breathe new life into your legacy web portal, modernizing its outdated interface and lackluster UX while preserving the original design’s signature features.


We begin by reviewing your portal’s current state. Our designers will analyze its look and feel as well as recreate the multitude of user journeys to detect weak points in visual presentation, navigation, and overall experience.

Competitor Research

Our next step is to examine the web portals of competitors and industry leaders to come up with your visual differentiators and to better appeal to your audience. This will ensure your portal design follows only proven practices.


Finally, we arrive at the design concept, complete with the wireframes and prototypes for your consideration. Once approved, this concept becomes the foundation for our portal design implementation.


Relying on our multi-domain expertise, we will align your portal’s look and feel with your niche specifics to maximize its relevance to end-users.

Media Portals

We design eye-catching web portals for distributing news, feature articles, videos, and more multimedia content types. Our team delivers interactive prototypes with a well-organized and engaging content presentation, elegant color schemes, and intuitive navigation. We also set up flexible admin dashboards and enable account customization, letting your visitors tailor the portal layout to fit their needs.

Ecommerce Portals

Our web portal designer team aids companies in creating and implementing competitive online marketplaces, aggregators, and bidding platforms where merchants can showcase their products or services and easily sell to both B2C and B2B customers around the world. We design catalogs and product pages with rich presentation capabilities, implement clear-cut navigation, and highlight simplicity with every visual element in place.

Travel & Hospitality Portals

Our team designs powerful web portals that help travel-seekers to book their leisure and business trips, and travel companies to set up their fully digital partner networks all from a single hub. When at it, Iflexion prioritizes mobile-friendly solutions with dynamic content, advanced search and filters, and clear booking and payment user flows.

Education Portals

Iflexion develops centralized virtual spaces for students and professional trainees where they can comfortably learn online, easily find and access learning materials and schedules, and keep track of their progress in real time. We design visually appealing and responsive portals with feature-packed dashboards, consistent look and feel, well-structured online libraries, convenient search and navigation, and customizable personal accounts.

Patient Portals

We help medical facilities enhance their service delivery and augment patient care quality with mobile-optimized patient portals. Focusing on simplicity and efficiency, Iflexion designs clear appointment scheduling interfaces, uncluttered patient accounts with easy access to test results and health records, and convenient built-in messengers.

Corporate Intranets

Our UX/UI professionals create employee-centric corporate portals that promote efficient knowledge management, collaboration, and networking. We build consistent, clean and customizable interfaces with intuitive layouts and intelligent search capabilities. We also reinforce your brand representation with logos, fonts, color schemes, and other corporate elements to inspire a sense of community.
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The platforms our web portal designers work with

Over the past 20+ years of fast-paced web design projects, Iflexion’s team has become well-versed in major web portal platforms on the market today. Whatever technology you settle on, our designers will deliver a workable web portal UX/UI specific to your platform of choice.


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