We design, develop, and deploy custom ecommerce portals to help businesses ramp up their online sales and deliver a highly personalized experience to their target audiences.


Iflexion offers their services to take your portal all the way from the initial concept through all of the ecommerce development stages to a fully-operational system.

Technology Consulting

Drawing on your business objectives and technical requirements, Iflexion’s consultants will devise an end-to-end strategy for your ecommerce portal, including its architecture, tech stack and tailored feature set.

Design & Development

Our team of UX/UI designers will create an appealing user interface effortlessly reflecting your user journeys while our software engineers build a robust system of essential and custom services. We finish up by deploying your newly-developed portal into your ecommerce environment and configuring it to fit the functional and performance requirements.

Integration & Implementation

Iflexion will securely integrate the portal with the associated ecommerce solutions in your business environment, such as CRM, CDP, ERP, or other business-critical platforms in use.

Optimization & Reengineering

If your legacy portal has grown outdated, we will expertly reengineer it to expand its capacity and refine its functionality, so that the system can accommodate your evolved ecommerce needs and growing customer base.

Support & Maintenance

Iflexion’s team will manage routine updates, upgrades, and security patches for your ecommerce portal, provide on-demand enhancements and testing, and swiftly step in to deal with downtime disruptions and user requests.
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Iflexion’s design and usability specialists will take up the task of creating or redeveloping the user interface and experience logic of your ecommerce portal.

Design Audit

We will examine your legacy solution for deficiencies in visual presentation and user experience and deliver a thorough audit report outlining the detected flaws and improvement suggestions.

UX/UI Design

Based on the portal’s objective and target audience, Iflexion’s designers will prototype and implement an easy-to-navigate architecture, intuitive user flows, and a conversion-oriented interface.

Portal Redesign

Our team will revisit your ecommerce portal design, modernizing the web site’s as well as its mobile version’s look and feel, usability, graphics, and typography in line with the latest design trends.


Bearing in mind your portal’s end users, we will mold the solution’s feature set according to their needs and expectations.

Consumer Portals

Iflexion will implement well-balanced features for your B2C ecommerce portal:
  • Product search, filtering and comparison
  • One-click purchase
  • Delivery tracking
  • Loyalty program management, and more

B2B Portals

To aid with nurturing long-term partnerships, we will equip your B2B commerce application with the following capabilities:
  • Multiple price lists
  • Tax calculation
  • Volume purchase and bulk discounts
  • Invoice management
  • Networking, and more

Retail Staff Portals

We will deliver a comprehensive hub for your retail staff by equipping the portal with the tools for:
  • Schedule management
  • Internal knowledge exchange
  • Employee training and upskilling
  • One-to-one and group communication, and more


Iflexion goes beyond typical features by adding signature and value-adding capabilities to our portal. Be it services expanding customer opportunities or features contributing to the system integrity and efficiency, we will expertly handle any of your requests.

Billing & Payments

We will extend your online payment options by securely integrating best-in-class systems, gateways, and e-wallets into your portal, also adding invoice and tax management automation to the back-office to improve transaction visibility.

Data Security

Iflexion’s experts will render your ecommerce portal impregnable by spotting and fixing its vulnerabilities and deploying protective mechanisms, including multi-factor user authentication, point-to-point encryption, threat intelligence, and more.

Access Control

We will deliver a granular permission system to equip your portal administration with the ability to manage personalized access controls for services, information, and products for different user groups and individual users.

Business Intelligence

To support your decision-making, Iflexion will integrate your portal with a tailored BI solution to gather sales, business performance and customer data and convert it into clearly visualized metrics.

User-generated Content

To facilitate community building around your portal, our developers will expand the basic content submission capabilities with a full-featured UGC platform where customers can voice their feedback and communicate with both your staff and other customers.

Augmented Product Presentation

Iflexion’s team will introduce AR or VR technology into your ecommerce mix to enable augmented and interactive product presentation with a high degree of customer experience personalization.

Virtual Assistants

We will enhance your ecommerce portal with an AI-powered chatbot to take on a share of customer communication tasks, such as product recommendations, order processing, and 24/7 support.

Customer Self-Service

We will enable broad content delivery capabilities so that you could maintain a customer-oriented knowledge base with self-service blog posts, educational videos, FAQs, and user guides.


We build our ecommerce portals upon the four staples that help us make each portal sustainable in the long term.


We deliver fully device-agnostic ecommerce portals so that their audiences can choose their preferred channels of interaction for a truly user-friendly shopping experience.


Our team will make sure your online retail portal can be securely integrated with third-party services and tools of your choice without extensive development efforts.


Iflexion’s engineers will devise a flexible portal architecture to ensure the system successfully supports extended feature sets, activity spikes, and continuous user growth.


We will embed forefront data and payment protection practices into your ecommerce portal and make certain it complies with global and regional security regulations.
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