Microsoft SharePoint Intranet with Reporting Capabilities

  • SharePoint-based internal portal enriched with reporting features
  • Improved internal collaboration hosted on a corporate intranet
  • Business analysis and SharePoint consulting 
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Iflexion set up a SharePoint-based intranet for the Customer’s employees to follow corporate news, events, and announcements, manage documents and create comprehensive reports.

  • SharePoint
  • Microsoft SQL Server


Our Customer, Sturgeon Services International, is a US-based company that provides a full stack of construction and maintenance services for oil enterprises. Having been in the business for almost a century, the company follows strict safety principles, applies effective time-management practices, and implements cost-saving techniques.

The oil industry has its own business-specific features and challenges because of the following factors:

  • Diversity of project participants and their distributed functions.
  • Need for multichannel interaction.
  • Complex document workflows at each project stage.
  • Need for managing several projects simultaneously.

Companies working in the petroleum industry are in dire need of a reliable IT eco-system. Effective IT solutions minimize manual work and effort spent on document management, thus reducing the number of mistakes and cutting project costs, as well as keeping up with the industry standards.

Project Objectives

The Customer used a standard SharePoint solution to cover their reporting needs. Unfortunately, the solution stopped functioning after a server failure. The main objective of the project was to restore the necessary business intelligence functionality using SharePoint PerformancePoint. This performance management service provides tools for organizations to create custom dashboards, diagrams, tables, and filters choosing necessary data sources.

Apart from that, the Customer needed to set up a corporate portal enabling employees to be up to date with the corporate news, events, and announcements; to manage documents; and to collaborate on various organizational content.


First of all, Iflexion’s SharePoint consultants set up the PerformancePoint solution that allowed users to generate reports with custom dashboards. Ready-made reports represent data on the company’s profit within a certain period. The initial data resides in tables and diagrams broken down into different sections according to the Customer’s requirements.

After that, the team configured a Microsoft SharePoint intranet leveraging SharePoint 2013 capabilities. The solution includes the following components:

  • Corporate news;
  • Notifications;
  • Important links; 
  • Corporate calendar;
  • Announcements;
  • Employees’ feedback;
  • Corporate documents;
  • Library with company safety reports.

Employees’ feedback became one of the most popular and effective features as it enabled users to voice their opinion about the SharePoint intranet and exchange ideas on how to improve the portal making it more user-friendly and powerful. Employees then discuss the generated ideas with the technical team and choose the best ones to enrich the intranet’s functionality.

The intranet supports the following user roles:

  • Standard user
  • Manager
  • System administrator
  • Content editor

The members of the corporate management committee distributed user permissions to let privileged users access sensitive content that can’t be disclosed to all employees.

Development Process

At the initial stage of the project, Iflexion’s team collected all the necessary information for the future Microsoft SharePoint intranet and reporting solution on-site. This allowed SharePoint consultants to communicate with the Customer’s representatives directly and learn their requirements, as well as meet the team leaders to discover their vision of the portal and their needs. During the development process, Iflexion’s team was involved in the following activities:

  • Analyzing requirements of different user groups and making up a project specification.
  • Fixing up the disabled SharePoint reporting solution using SharePoint PerformancePoint.
  • Configuring a Microsoft SharePoint intranet in line with the Microsoft Minimum Recommended rules and the Customer’s requirements.
  • Setting up user roles and permissions to ensure structured and secure internal collaboration.


At the end of the project, the Customer got a fully functioning Microsoft SharePoint intranet provided with reporting features critical for the company’s daily activities. The new solution allowed employees to process data securely, build comprehensive reports with custom dashboards and diagrams, as well as to keep in step with the corporate life, follow organizational news and events, manage documents and contribute to the further solution’s improvement.


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