We develop custom Magento solutions to empower you with the technology for serving exceptional ecommerce experiences.

Our Magento Ecommerce Development Expertise

We pair the robust technological ecosystem of Magento with our hands-on experience in ecommerce development. We create digital stores from the ground up, scale and re-engineer existing ecommerce environments.

Magento Development

Iflexion offers Magento development services to help our customers get their ready-made multifunctional ecommerce solutions easier. We leverage Magento’s high extensibility to make our customers’ stores secure, innovation-ready, and resilient to high load.

Magento Customization

We go beyond Magento’s OOTB features and offer custom solutions for those whose ecommerce business is maturing. We use Magento’s customization potential to deliver user-centric stores with intuitive search, streamlined checkout, and smooth order fulfillment

Magento Integration

We integrate Magento solutions with third-party tools and services via native and custom APIs to boost the functionality and support complex ecommerce architectures. We help our customers deliver omnichannel experience across online and offline with cross-channel data.

Migration to Magento

In order to address consumers’ evolving needs, we help migrate legacy ecommerce systems to Magento as well as upgrade to Magento 2 to get access to greater usability, intelligent workflows, and higher security while retaining the capabilities your users are used to.
Start your Magento project with Iflexion to serve competitive shopping experiences.

Magento Solutions for SMBs and Enterprises

We select Magento products out of its rich ecosystem to support various business models, be it a small local shop or a global trade network. Our Magento web development services extend to delivering ecommerce platforms fit for B2C and B2B, with the capacity for business expansion.

B2C Commerce

We leverage Magento products such as Magento Commerce and Magento Order Management to develop B2C platforms that deliver a consistent experience across online and offline channels.
  • A unified customer data hub
  • Mobile-first design
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Multiple customer support options
  • Consumer-specific pricing
  • Multiple payment options
  • Streamlined checkout
  • GDPR compliance, and more

B2B Commerce

As modern business customers prefer multiple buying options that match B2C experience, we build customer-centric B2B platforms on top of Magento’s scalable and secure architecture.
  • Consistent branding across stores
  • Tools for local and global commerce
  • Self-service options
  • Multi-user permission-based accounts
  • Shared catalogs
  • Custom pricing
  • Streamlined order management
  • Real-time inventory view

Our Magento Development Company’s Specialties

As a Magento ecommerce development company, Iflexion knows how to leverage the platform’s native functionality and robust extensions in order to develop ecommerce solutions that can stand the test of time and market.

Mobile Commerce Development

We use Magento tools to build mobile-optimized stores. To encourage your shoppers to purchase via their mobile devices, we streamline checkout and integrate gateways to popular payment systems. We attend to the web store UX and minimize page loading speed as well as apply responsive themes to make the stores fully functional on any device.

PWA Development

With Magento’s PWA Studio, we build progressive web apps that combine the benefits of mobile and web apps. This results in a swift app-like browsing experience with a much faster and cost-efficient deployment compared to native mobile app development. Our PWAs are device-agnostic and cross-browser compatible, capable of working offline, and acting like a native mobile app.

International Commerce and Multistore Development

Once you are ready to expand to new markets, we leverage Magento’s multi-site architecture and common database to back this strategic decision and help you avoid costly missteps. We deploy multiple storefronts while ensuring consistent branding across websites, localized merchandising by country, dynamic content and attribute display, integration of multiple local ecommerce systems, and streamlined quote management within the platform or via APIs.

BI Enablement

We connect data sources and create a unified data hub with a cloud-based data warehouse. We fine-tune the business intelligence functionality for you to gain insights into your customers, products, and marketing activities and share them across the company. We also leverage data visualization tools to build valuable user-friendly reports using different data visualization types.
Make your store user-centric across channels
with Iflexion’s Magento-based solutions.

Magento Integrations for Business Scalability

Using handpicked off-the-shelf extensions and custom connectors, our team can turn your Magento-based solution into a multifunctional ecommerce platform that supports your growing business sustainably.

Although Magento boasts thousands of pre-built extensions, we are ready to improve on them or develop custom connectors from scratch to integrate new sales channels, automate workflows, and empower web store owners with broader management capabilities.

We help our customers pursue their omnichannel strategy and connect their online and brick-and-mortar stores. By integrating a POS system into the Magento solution, we provide an automated flow of data about orders, customers, and payments between the systems.

We use Magento payment provider gateway to create integrations with popular payment service providers, such as PayPal, Stripe, or Braintree, thus allowing our customers to manage their transactions and channel-specific refunds.

We integrate ERP and CRM systems to connect your core systems to your Magento store. We sync customer data, inventory, orders, quotes, transactions, tax and shipping details between the systems, as well as automate time-consuming data entry.


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