We design and implement customer portal solutions for enterprises. From essential functionality and UI to extended custom upgrades, we help you create and maintain the exact portal your audience needs.


Expert Consulting

Our consultants will help you devise a customer portal strategy including technologies, architecture, core and additional features best suited for your customers.

Development and Integration

Iflexion’s developers and UI experts will revitalize and modernize your existing system or build a brand-new secure and scalable solution.

Maintenance and Scaling

We provide ongoing testing and maintenance as well as aid in further expansions and on-demand upgrades for your customer portal as needed.
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Iflexion provides secure, stable and multifunctional platforms to drive sales up and bring a variety of related benefits to enterprises. From streamlining customer support and communication to automating analytics, there is the power of customer portals waiting to be unlocked.

CRM & CDP Integration

We integrate B2C portals with your existing customer relationship management systems and data platforms for streamlined, efficient data exchange.
  • Integration with proprietary CRM and CDP systems
  • Secure third-party API integration

Document Management

We build holistic multipurpose solutions, including self-service portals, to provide and manage access to transactional data, files, multimedia, and customer support logged records with ease.
  • Unhindered document collaboration workflows
  • Secure options for data storage and exchange

Personalized Permission Control

With our portal solutions, you’ll be able to set up access levels, manage individual and group permissions, delineate and section off information and services for different groups and types of customers.
  • Personalized interfaces and dashboards for different user roles
  • Permission management tool integration

Analytics and Reporting

We provide access to built-in customer activity statistics and in-depth reports for your data-aided decision making. Visualize, review, create, customize, and filter the metrics you require with our custom-made client portal software.
  • Custom reporting dashboards and data visualization tools
  • Third-party analytics system integration

Security and Compliance Control

Our customer portal software development teams ensure compliance with industry regulations, protocol standards, and state mandates on customer data access, security, and portability.
  • Secure authentication for users and administrators
  • Encryption protocols for content and customer data
  • Regulation compliance assurance at the development stage

Transaction Management

For portals requiring transaction verification and control, we provide secure payment service integration and cybersecurity protection mechanisms.
  • Online payment management and protection
  • Secure access to invoices and billing history
  • Recurring transactions and demand forecast tools

Onboarding and Guidance

We deliver portals that bring a relevant and comprehensive onboarding experience for new customers with the help of personalized starter guides and support sections.
  • Knowledge base development with content curation possibilities
  • User training tools

Service Delivery Optimization

Iflexion’s team seamlessly integrates communication systems to streamline customer support and maximize the efficiency of your service delivery model.
  • Custom self-service support systems and tools
  • Chatbots, audio and video integration, service forums, etc.
  • Secure third-party APIs integration
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Replace your fragmented legacy solution with a relevant system or introduce a new interaction channel with Iflexion’s agile customer portal development team.

Custom and platform-based solutions covering online education, student management, and library memberships.

  • Content storage and curation
  • Self-help for students
  • Online communities and other collaborative features
  • Membership account management
  • Digital media access, and more

Patient-facing portals and solutions for healthcare professionals to automate all essential care administration processes.

  • Appointment management
  • Online access to medical history, tests and lab results access
  • Prescription refill requests
  • IoMT and health app data integration
  • Professional knowledge bases, and more

End-to-end automation of customer-facing processes with online banking, insurance, and investment portals.

  • Transaction management and history
  • Multi-factor access verification
  • Financial planning, reporting, and prediction system integration, and more

Branded B2C customer portals and self-service portals for retail businesses.

  • Product and service catalogs
  • Order placement and management
  • Loyalty membership management systems
  • After-sales services
  • Delivery tracking, and more

Complete coverage of real estate customer workflows with portals for agencies, tenants, residents, and property owners.

  • Property listings, search and filtering
  • Rent and service payment management
  • Property management and service data integration
  • Maintenance and additional service requests, and more

Fully operational digital sales channels for tour operators, agencies, and individual suppliers of holiday rentals and transportation.

  • Full-cycle reservation management
  • Reporting for managers and customers
  • Digital check-ins and luggage registration
  • 24/7 customer support channel integration, and more



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