Iflexion builds custom B2B portals for a wide variety of domains and purposes. We create solutions that bring together enterprises and their business customers around the world.


Iflexion’s team provides consulting and strategy for your B2B web portal adoption. As part of our service pack, we optimize, design and integrate solutions in line with your requirements, with ongoing maintenance and support after the initial release.

Design and Development

We design web portals with a full understanding of your business goals, creating B2B solutions capable of both generating leads and retaining your business users.

Integration and Optimization

We build and fully integrate new B2B systems as well as optimize existing portals. With Iflexion, you can get a robust, efficient website to match your business ambitions.


Our consultants will help you develop a sustainable strategy for your application, including the choice of technologies and features, to effectively connect with your business clients and partners.

Maintenance and Scaling

We provide continuous B2B portal testing, maintenance, upgrades, technical support, and on-request scaling-up services with minimal downtime and disruptions to your portal-dependent workflows.
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Our B2B website and portal development company offers the expertise covering the full range of technologies and competencies required to deliver an efficient, secure and reliable business-to-business experience.

Access Management

We integrate flexible access management systems compliant with regulations and corporate policies. Through the implementation of multi-step verification and secure access control, we provide a fully protected permission-based authentication for business users.

Payment Gateways

Iflexion helps you streamline B2B transaction management with trusted payment gateways and services. These include online payment systems, tax and regulation-compliant invoice management solutions, as well as custom add-ons to fully control your payables.

Analytics and Reporting

We enable in-depth portal performance tracking, analytics, and reporting capabilities that come with customizable toolsets for historic and real-time research that’s accessible to non-tech portal analysts.

Technical Support

Our team will help you automate your technical support by adding another efficient channel. We set up B2B self-service solutions that span web and mobile and are specifically tailored to the needs and requirements of business clients.

Data Migration and Integration

Our data migration service offer includes migrating information from legacy systems, portal integration with inventory management platforms, ecommerce solutions, ERPs, CRMs, supplier and partner databases, etc. to create a single point of truth when it comes to servicing your B2B audience.

Communication and Collaboration

We equip our B2B websites with secure communication channels through built-in messengers and chatbots, including those supporting voice recognition. You can also opt for enabling automated feedback collection to keep track of your users’ sentiment.

Security and Compliance

Our B2B portals employ advanced methods of data protection, including encryption, audit trails, and dynamic verification, as well as transparent data privacy policies and mechanisms for regulatory compliance audit.

System Modernization

When you feel it’s time for an upgrade, we’ll give your existing business client portal a facelift, also revamping its backend or completely rebuilding it from the ground up using newer technologies and tools to ensure its proper work.
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Our team has been providing B2B website development services for a variety of domains, which allows us to expertly handle a multitude of projects: from supply chain management and customer service platforms to B2B marketplace development.

B2B Supply and Wholesale

Iflexion offers B2B ecommerce portal and supply chain management platforms development, deploying trusted e-commerce, marketplace and procurement solutions suited for enterprises.

Business Travel

We integrate travel management services both from respected third-party providers and developed from scratch, to bring an outstanding digital experience for business travelers and partners.

Research and Development

We build business-oriented R&D platforms supporting content and document management, as well as collaboration-centric intranets and extranets for ongoing innovation.

Real Estate

We create advanced B2B platforms and web apps for real estate agencies, developers, business clients, and service providers, integrating databases, inventories, market research, and other helpful resources.

B2B Networking

Iflexion creates portals for unhindered networking aimed at industry experts, consultants, technical support services, suppliers, and more business actors.


Our team builds solutions for B2B delivery service providers, fleet managers, and shipment tracking agencies. Our custom solutions can support end-to-end asset tracking, courier management, and more.


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