We build holistic property management systems for property owners, landlords, and tenants to streamline key admin processes, communication, and maintenance.

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Our Property Software Development Services

Iflexion creates custom solutions, built from scratch or platform-based, addressing both commercial and residential property sectors.

Commercial Property Management Software

Our custom commercial property management solutions help managers find leads for vacant spaces, react fast to issues, and keep tenants happy by providing:
  • Centralized data management regarding building conditions and contractual relationships with tenants, which helps react fast to any arising issue.
  • Process automation for lease calculation, reporting, online rent collection, work order processing, and more.
  • Portals as real-time communication platform for tenants and landlords, as well for tenant self-service.

Residential Rental Property Management Software

We build property management software to help landlords provide smooth tenant experience through:
  • Tenant portfolio management for monitoring resident history and personalizing the experience.
  • Online lease management with features for requesting lease agreement changes, paying rent, viewing payment history, etc.
  • Screening of potential residents to identify and minimize possible risks.
  • Portals for communication and maintenance requests submission.

Mobile Property Management Apps

Our mobile application development team builds intuitive mobile solutions to boost landlords’ convenience in managing their property while taking care of tenants’ requests.

Features for Managers

We create mobile apps tailored to specific needs of property owners, landlords, and agents, featuring:
  • On-the-go access to tenant and property databases
  • Dynamic pricing calculators and currency converters
  • Move-in/move-out management
  • Access to data on payments and arrears
  • Streamlined work order processing
  • In-app audio and video calls

Features for Tenants

Our mobile apps provide user-friendly experience and help landlords address tenant needs:
  • Property listings with maps and location integration, advanced filtering options, and push notifications
  • Interactive virtual tours for property visit simulations
  • Chatbot-enabled 24/7 service
  • Submission of maintenance orders with photo and video uploads and work progress tracking
  • Email and live chat integration
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Property Management Integrations

We turn property management solutions into multifunctional hubs by integrating dedicated modules or standalone systems developed specifically for the purpose by our team.

Online Payment and Deposit Management

We have experience automating payment-related workflows to let tenants securely pay their rent and utility bills online, view receipts, and set notifications and reminders, while helping landlords stay aware of payment delays and payment errors. We can also facilitate security deposit management by moving it online, which helps automate compliance with local legislation, keep track of all the submitted deposits, resolve disputes, and securely return the sum due to tenants. Additionally, to boost transaction security, we can enable blockchain-based smart contracts for rent or security deposit collection, either through cryptocurrency wallets or conventional bank transfer.

Property Management Accounting Software

Our property management app development team can build a custom accounting module or leverage an ERP system to help property owners finally make spreadsheets a thing of the past. Our accounting solutions can centralize financial data and streamline common property management accounting tasks, such as rent collection, bank reconciliations, invoicing, and more. We can also automate financial report generation and budget forecasting.

Rental Property Insurance Management

We can build a property insurance management solution to let property owners protect their assets, establish a transparent insurance process, and comply with the national and international regulations. Such a system can deal with claims processing, policy administration, fraud and risk analysis, transaction monitoring, and more. We can add a self-service option to let tenants manage their policies, view payments, and monitor claims resolution.

Digitized Paperwork

We build in custom document management modules to digitize and automate paperwork. It lets landlords store documents regarding property, tenants, and finances in one place, edit and exchange them safely, and get on-the-go access to the information from any device. We also introduce data encryption and secure back-ups along with digital signatures for verifying, signing, and sharing contracts remotely.

Business Intelligence Implementation

To help property managers deal with loads of data, we can deliver a BI solution for aggregating and making sense of operational data. We leverage Tableau and Power BI to empower property managers with interactive dashboards and custom reports where they can see the dynamics of vacancy rates and net effective rents, proactively identify risks and opportunities, and predict cash flow, expenses, and price fluctuations. It’s also possible to set up automated configurable alerts and schedule reports.

Smart Home Tech for Property Management

Iflexion’s team creates IoT-driven solutions for managing an ecosystem of connected devices, such as sensors, actuators, beacons, wearable and mobile devices, to turn any property into a smart home and help landlords manage buildings more efficiently while improving tenants’ quality of life.

Comfortable and Sustainable Living

We develop IoT features that connect HVAC systems, smart light bulbs, plugs, and thermostats to reduce energy costs while enabling residents to control their environment and configure the most comfortable settings.

Increased Security

Our solutions connected with smart locks, cameras, facial recognition devices, and motion detectors can provide better security in common areas. This includes changing locks remotely once residents move out or in case of a break-in attempt.

At-home Health Monitoring

We build IoT systems that can be used for helping senior residents or tenants with chronic diseases to live independently yet safely. Connected to such applications, wearable devices or dedicated sensors can detect critical health issues and falls and send automated alerts to relatives and clinicians.

Streamlined Maintenance

By leveraging smart sensors, our solutions can detect water leaks, smoke, broken windows and bulbs, dangerous carbon monoxide levels, and other issues and immediately alert property managers. To streamline maintenance work orders, users can leverage these systems for submitting requests with photos and videos attached and tracking task progress in real time.


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