Conference Management Software Development for a U.S. Digital Agency

  • Custom web system for full-cycle event workflow management
  • In-depth analysis of different event parameters and ROI calculation
  • Rich visualization of the analyzed event management data
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A New York-based digital agency turned to Iflexion for custom event management software to help their clients facilitate management of organized conferences and congresses.

  • Zend Framework
  • MySQL
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Google API


Headquartered in New York City, our Customer is a full-service digital agency with 20+ years of experience in branding, transmedia publishing, content marketing, and advertising. Running several offices across the United States, the company partners with world-known brands and helps them build effective marketing and advertising campaigns.


The Customer got engaged in conference management software development for one of their clients. The solution was to help end users to handle the organization of mass conferences and congresses on a regular basis, streamline and optimize event management process, as well as ensure better event maintenance. The end customer also expected the system to enable conference monitoring and analysis in order to evaluate the effectiveness of each particular event.

Previously, the Customer had already had a positive experience of engaging Iflexion in a series of projects and was sure about Iflexion’s ability to cope with custom software development. With only a general idea of a future solution on hands, the company turned to Iflexion to finalize the project requirements and then design and develop the requested event management solution.


Iflexion’s team developed custom conference management software that allows managers responsible for events organization to perform the following activities:

  • Control full-cycle event workflows and associated event management processes.
  • Analyze multiple parameters of past conferences, workshops, and congresses (number of participants, number of leads and converted customers, hospitality costs, venue costs, etc.).
  • Calculate an event’s ROI, thus evaluating its overall effectiveness and understanding if any optimization is required to increase the success of future events.

The system contains a variety of features that enable end users to:

  • Collect and store event details. The solution allows event teams to upload information about an event (date, venue, attendees, program, etc.) into the system and update it at any moment.
  • Keep track of event workflows. When organizing events, it’s critical to stick to a step-by-step event plan, from early submissions and advertising activities to post-event analysis and reports. The solution is designed to provide a complete visibility of event workflows and allows managing not only active but also archived projects, compare them and make well-grounded decisions about future events.
  • Conduct surveys. Iflexion’s team developed an iOS-based tablet version of the solution for event managers to interview conference participants on the spot. The application can operate both with and without an internet connection. In the latter case, event managers can register attendees’ answers manually during the event; then the answers will be automatically uploaded to the server as soon as the device connects to the internet. Once uploaded, interview results are suitable for further analysis.
  • Analyze event data and build up reports. The system enables end users to analyze various event parameters, including participants, expenses, survey results and more. Relying on the aggregated event data, event managers can evaluate events at different stages and compare their profitability. The system can visualize results in Excel-like tables or colorful diagrams and charts.


To deliver custom event management software, Iflexion’s team used a PHP-based Zend Framework empowering JavaScript’s natural performance and scalability. To organize event data storage, the developers leveraged MySQL and implemented flexible data caching.

Integration with Google Charts provided an optimal way for event data visualization. The system also utilizes jQuery Accordion plugin to create an attractive and intuitive user interface.


The developed solution allowed the digital agency to extend their offering by providing custom event management software to their partners and clients. By covering a full event cycle, the solution enables end users to get a clear understanding of their event management activities through an ongoing monitoring of event processes. Leveraging the software functionality, event managers can hit several critical targets:

  • Identifying ineffective event activities both from organizational and financial standpoints.
  • Evaluating the performance of particular event managers.
  • Getting attendees’ feedback and applying improvements accordingly.
  • Bringing in timely changes to event management approach to contribute to the event’s overall success.



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