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End-to-End Real Estate App Development

We leverage our proven domain expertise in real estate software development and help real estate companies keep pace with their fast-moving industry by providing them with specialized or multi-purpose technological solutions.

Custom App Development

Iflexion specializes in building real estate software for web and mobile and delivers tailored solutions for property management. Our apps help streamline business operations, optimize workflows, automate routine tasks, and ensure easy access to fresh data both for office-based and field workers.

Third-party Integrations

To build truly efficient all-in-one real estate software, we integrate necessary data sources and modules, be it real estate listings, payment systems, e-signatures, or security and monitoring systems. It allows our apps to cover any operation, from lead generation to tenant onboarding.

Legacy System Migration

We help our clients move on from their outdated legacy systems with minimal losses. Migrating to cloud-based real estate software with our help means consolidation of disparate data sources, compliance with data privacy regulations, better performance, scalability, and accessibility for all users.

Our Real Estate Development Specialties

Iflexion’s team has a track record of software engineering projects completed for various real estate sectors. We apply this accumulated knowledge and experience to successfully deliver:

Residential Property Management

When developing residential property solutions, we focus on:
  • Simplified workflows for property leasing, management and maintenance
  • Role-based secure access
  • Reservation management
  • Integrations with payment, insurance, accounting and resource booking services

Commercial Property Management

Our custom commercial property management solutions provide:
  • Lead generation via marketing systems and social channels integration
  • Facility management and maintenance
  • Lease management
  • Utility billing monitoring
  • Real-time communication tools

Tenant Onboarding & Management

Our software for tenant management can have a variety of features:
  • Hubs for owners and resident
  • Communication tools
  • Comprehensive resident databases
  • Integration with payment and customer support systems
  • Applicant screening and checks
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Our Real Estate Software Expertise

We specialize in developing real estate management software that automates core business processes.

MLS Development

We create bespoke multiple listing service (MLS) platforms that provide agents and brokers with up-to-date information on sales of properties, price fluctuations, new construction sites, lands, and investments as well as advanced search functions via custom connectors or third-party APIs. We can further integrate our MLS solutions into CRMs, mobile apps, websites, and more.

Real Estate Accounting Software

We build real estate accounting software to manage transactions, track income and expenses, and help agents, brokers, and investors manage contracts and financial reports. We integrate payment systems, reporting tools, and analytical software for monitoring and evaluating business performance. We also automate data entry and commission calculation.

Real Estate Investing Software

Our real estate investing solutions help investors research the market, generate leads, and manage deals. We can integrate the solution with CRM, MLS, and other data sources to provide a comprehensive picture of leads and buyers. We can also connect an AI-powered predictive analytics module to let investors build and visualize short-term and long-term profitability and performance projections.

Real Estate Transaction Management Software

Our real estate software can serve as hubs for transaction management, secure document storage with role-based access, and collaboration between clients, agents, and brokers. If applicable, we can integrate an electronic signature service to ensure a fully paperless process where agents and clients can upload, edit, sign, and share transaction-related documents.

Real Estate CRM Software Development

With an extensive expertise in building and deploying custom CRM platforms, Iflexion can deliver a CRM platform geared towards real estate companies’ needs. We can build the solution from scratch or based on a CRM platform as well as upgrade your existing software.

Salesforce for Real Estate

Using our experience of Salesforce customization, we deliver real estate CRMs built on top of this platform. We leverage carefully selected Salesforce products and tools to build tailored customer-centric solutions for property management. We equip our Salesforce-based solutions with the following capabilities:
  • Data centralization
  • Lead management
  • Property management
  • Tenant onboarding
  • Predictive analytics
  • Marketing automation

Real Estate Digitization Solutions

In order to keep up with the global digital transformation, Iflexion offers to develop innovative real estate software for all sectors.

As time is one of the scarcest resources for real estate professionals, we can complement our real estate solutions with the best intelligent technologies to automate and optimize business processes, such as lead generation, property evaluation, trend spotting, and more. We apply the following:

  • Robotic process automation
  • Machine learning
  • Natural language processing
  • Predictive and real-time analytics
  • Computer vision

We leverage AR/VR technologies to empower real estate owners and agents with a game-changing tool for creating a highly engaging customer experience. Our custom AR/VR solutions for real estate feature:

  • 3D property visualizations
  • Virtual tours
  • Interactive floor plans
  • Editors for property planning and interior design

Our IoT systems for real estate turn buildings into intelligent ecosystems. Our solutions let building owners detect maintenance issues and handle them proactively, stay connected with tenants, and understand how to turn buildings into more comfortable spaces. For this, we leverage:

  • Smart sensors
  • Proximity marketing beacons
  • Real-time monitoring cameras
  • Cross-device integration
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