As an expert provider of custom business intelligence and data analytics solutions, Iflexion offers a full package of data visualization services so that you can make decisions based on comprehensive dashboards and reports.

Data Visualization Services We Provide

Custom Visualization Solutions

To help you see your data in the way that works best for you, we provide data visualization consulting and engineering of custom data visualization solutions from scratch. For this, we thoroughly collect and apply your requirements to the software under development.

Legacy Solution Customization and Reingineering

Our experts in data visualization consulting will help you stay on par with market changes by tailoring and upgrading visualization features as needed. We can streamline your existing data visualization platform by adding more capabilities, connecting more data sources, customizing shapes, fonts, and charts, or moving to a new technology altogether.

Data Analytics Upgrades

We go far beyond data visualization and bring businesses more data analytics capabilities. We have the skillset to set up data lakes and warehouses, provide big data consulting, engineer ETLs, and enable predictive analytics for your data-centric solution.

Data Visualization Software Maintenance

To make sure your data visualization tool works flawlessly, we offer 24/7 maintenance and support services. We can make your solution more robust by optimizing its performance, testing, and fixing any issues or bugs.
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What You Get From Visualizing Your Data

Create Highly Informative Reports

To help you create genuinely insightful reports, we connect only relevant data worth focusing on. We carefully choose data visualization types and elements, consulting with your project stakeholders and end users—in our solutions, consistency and comprehensiveness are the priorities.

Forecast Better With Your Enterprise Data

Our data visualization solutions will help you determine both existing bottlenecks and upcoming challenges. With this awareness, you will get ready to take preemptive actions.

Visualize Predictive Analysis

As an established data visualization company, we can unfold your platform’s potential with custom what-if algorithms. With them, you can visualize your data to peek into your business future and get fact-backed predictions in response.

Data Visualization Types We Offer

To help you spot trends more effectively, our data visualization consultants employ various visualization options. Below are only some of those we provide:

Temporal Data Visualizations

We leverage linear and one-dimensional visualizations to transform your data into clear and understandable indicators.
  • Scatter plots
  • Line graphs
  • Bar charts

Hierarchical Data Visualizations

Best-suited for displaying blocks of information, these visualizations are the perfect choice when you need to show data interconnections within a system.
  • Tree diagrams
  • Sunburst diagrams
  • Circle packing

Multidimensional Data Visualizations

We rely on 3D visualizations when it's crucial to bring maximum expression to your data.
  • 3D scatter plots
  • Pie charts
  • Stacked bar graphs

Geospatial Data Visualizations

Along with other data visualization solutions, we set up and integrate geospatial analytics for displaying data points and their relations on geographical maps.
  • Flow maps
  • Density maps
  • Heat maps
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Data Visualization Platforms We Implement

One of the most mature data visualization companies, Iflexion has access to selection of tools to bring the most value out of your enterprise data. We particularly specialize in Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, and QlikView, among others. Well-versed in all the three, we configure and integrate these tools expertly for businesses globally.


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