We create SharePoint-based learning management systems (LMS) for enterprises to digitize corporate learning and professional training for cultivating employees’ hard and soft skills.


Developing Custom SharePoint LMS

We build learning management solutions on top of SharePoint. Our apps let organizations balance diverse content management capabilities with dynamic learning-oriented collaboration.

Implementing Learning Management Modules

We extend corporate intranets and SharePoint-based solutions with learning management modules. This helps organizations kick off learning activities with minimal investment, within an already familiar platform.

Integrating LMS with Enterprise Systems

We connect SharePoint LMS with other enterprise systems (CRM, ERP, KMS, etc.) to support integrated learning, including business-centric training and active knowledge sharing within teams and communities.
Interested in implementing a custom SharePoint LMS?
Our team knows how to turn basic SharePoint into a successful LMS.


We build the backbone of our learning management solutions with SharePoint’s out-of-the-box features to further reinforce them with custom ones. Owing to their feature-packed toolsets and attractive design, our solutions win users’ loyalty by being easy to manage and support.

Learning Content Management

A SharePoint-based LMS is a suitable solution for organizations to centralize their massive learning content while making it well-structured and generally available.
  • Learning centers with folder-based libraries and archives
  • Support of multiformat learning materials
  • Pervasive search for instant content discovery

Learning Assessment

Important components of a SharePoint LMS, assessment features help mentors evaluate learning outcomes, as well as reward learners for their achievements.
  • Digital tests and quizzes with multiple types of answers
  • Badges, points, and corporate bonuses for learning accomplishments
  • Students’ feedback on the courses taken

Learning Analytics & Reporting

We leverage SharePoint’s default capabilities for basic reporting. We opt for integration with professional analytical solutions for complex and visualization-heavy stats, reports, and summaries.
  • Enterprise-wide reporting on learning management metrics
  • Evaluation of learning program efficiency
  • Tracking of personal and group learning progress

Learning Security & Compliance

Using SharePoint for learning management, enterprises can ensure advanced protection of learning content, as well as the immunity of learning workflows and collaboration that relies on them.
  • Compliance with global learning standards (SCORM, AICC, Tin Can)
  • Role-based access to learning content
  • Supervision of learning sites with SharePoint admin tools

Learning-Centric Collaboration

Our solutions become the environment for continuous interaction between learning managers and learning communities, mentors and their trainees across all devices.
  • Team sites and discussion boards for learning groups
  • Formal and informal learning communities
  • Integrated instant chats and video conferencing capabilities

Intelligent Learning

We use the latest SharePoint features as well as develop custom AI-based solutions to transform your LMS into a smart learning assistant.
  • Learning sites with personalized content from knowledge bases or other learning apps
  • Interactive chatbots for learning support, Q&As, FAQs, assessments, etc.
  • Immersive learning in a mixed reality environment on SharePoint Spaces


No similar learning management solutions can do for different enterprises. When we embark on the development of a new SharePoint LMS, we focus on these core aspects:

Industry Specifics

We adapt built-in SharePoint capabilities and tailor the solution’s look and feel to put an LMS seamlessly into its targeted industry context. Our solutions are made to keep in step with the dynamic landscape of retail, spurring innovations of aerospace, hi-tech and automotive domains, and strict compliance required in healthcare and financial sectors.

Technical Capacity

While implementing a Microsoft SharePoint learning management system, we leverage the advantages of different deployment models. We help companies get rid of security concerns with an on-premises LMS, activate cloud-based learning with SharePoint Online, or combine the power of both deployments in hybrid applications.
Are you looking for an LMS tailored perfectly to your industry?
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To help our customers succeed in using SharePoint as an LMS, we extend our core development offering with services that cover pre- and post-deployment.

LMS Consulting

We deep-dive into the SharePoint architecture and functional logic to choose an optimal deployment model and feature combinations, which will be ideal for our clients’ learning management purposes.

LMS Adoption

With a SharePoint LMS in place, we implement user training, Q&A sessions, and user guides to facilitate employees’ orientation in the system and ensure their positive learning experience.

LMS Revitalization

If a SharePoint LMS has been staying idle for years, we can bring it back to active use. From the platform’s functional upgrade to complete revamp, Iflexion’s team has the competency to reinvigorate any outdated LMS.


Our development effort translates into a polished toolset that brings benefits to all the participants of learning workflows.

Fast Onboarding

With all the necessary learning materials at their fingertips, employees can learn the ins and outs of enterprise processes, job duties, team policies and corporate culture in the shortest time.

Training Self-Management

Tutors can take full control over learning-related activities, manage content, select best-suited learning programs, and administrate learning communities.

Learning on the Go

Our solutions make learning accessible across devices and platforms. Mobile-friendly learning apps enable employees to study independently, review materials, and pass tests at any convenient moment.

Multifaceted Learning

Trainers are free to choose optimal formats for their classes, learning assessment, and communication with learners. Trainees can stick to traditional content-centric learning or try out AI-powered methodologies.

Continuous Upskilling

Serving effective educational programs, a SharePoint LMS becomes the tool for employees to grow their expertise and apply new knowledge in business processes straight away.

Aggregated Learning Statistics

Within a centralized solution, trainees can keep track of their learning progress and set new goals. Trainers can monitor learners’ success, evaluate learning programs, and timely correct them if needed.


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