We apply intelligent automation to tasks and complex business processes to digitally augment your workforce and enhance agility enterprise-wide.

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We apply intelligent technologies to ensure smart robotic process automation and improve efficiency, optimize costs, save time, and create another competitive instrument in any organization. Whether you want to improve your existing processes or completely reimagine the way you do business, we will provide you with a wide spectrum of services.

Consulting and Strategy

We help enterprises identify automation opportunities and assess related risks, such as security loopholes and the impact on the workforce. Based on the audit, we design an operating model around unique business needs, located vulnerabilities, and transformation potential.

Back-office Automation

We help automate and accelerate all back-office processes, be they department-specific, such as finance or IT maintenance, or enterprise-critical, such as streamlined logging, reporting, auditing, and much more.

Front-office Automation

We automate customer-facing processes and orchestrate individual customer journeys with the goal to efficiently capture and act upon the requirements, feedback, and sentiment.

Intelligent Digital Workers

As all intelligent process automation software collectively contribute to creating virtual workforce, we make sure these smart robots are not only governed by a straightforward business logic but are also ethical and compliant with your corporate and regulatory policies.


Intelligent process automation (IPA) calls for a combination of advanced technology solutions. Iflexion has a full grasp of each to supercharge your enterprise agility.


To automate simple and repetitive tasks and manual business processes with preprogrammed rule-based workflows and free up more time for high-value work.


To interpret spoken and written human language, understand communication intent, and generate text from the collected data to aid in both operational processes and decision-making.

Machine Learning

To automatically uncover patterns in structured and unstructured data, provide insights based on accurate predictive modeling, and make your systems self-learn through experience.

Cognitive Agents

To develop virtual intelligent workforce based on natural language processing and machine learning for performing sophisticated tasks and rendering independent decisions.

Predictive Analytics

To make predictions based on real-time and historical data and build failproof forecasting models for your front- and back-office processes.

Computer Vision

To detect, recognize, and analyze real-world objects and on-screen elements with high accuracy, using pretrained models as well as custom artificial intelligence models trained by data scientists.
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Iflexion makes intelligent automation all-inclusive to give all the professionals, from executives to front-line workers, an opportunity to leverage IPA benefits.

Increased Productivity

We automate and streamline repetitive and time-consuming processes at scale in various areas, from HR to supply chain management. With intelligent automation, robots become assistants to employees who then get an opportunity to focus entirely on business-critical objectives.

All-round Optimization

Our developers automate business processes with the aim to distribute resources efficiently and eliminate low-value tasks. This lets business owners and managers optimize time, budget, hiring decisions, and operational costs.

Fail-safe Process Governance

We back human workforce with intelligent automation that takes away mundane tasks, thus minimizing the risk of errors, and makes correct decisions even if the process deviates from the rule-based workflow.

Silo Consolidation

We apply intelligent automation to connect humans and machines and break down silos between the front and back offices. This creates a borderless organization with increased visibility and free data flows between departments.

Process Transparency

We make sure intelligent processes are fully transparent so that any industry, including highly regulated ones, can have full understanding and control of how exactly automation software streamlines processes and makes decisions on behalf of employees.

Legacy System Integration

Our intelligent process automation experts provide smooth integration of IPA tools with legacy systems for those companies that are bound to their established infrastructures but want to foster their digital transformation.


We offer an accentuated selection of intelligent automation applications which make up our truly industry-specific approach to IPA.

Facilitating time-consuming and risk-ridden processes:

  • Transforming unstructured data extracted from financial documents into a structured format
  • Scraping the web and social media for critical financial updates
  • Automating account reconciliation
  • Monitoring processes in real time
  • Predicting a performance curve
  • Generating reports according to the company’s standards

Creating prerequisites for exceptional customer experience:

  • Recommendation engines
  • Dynamic content personalization
  • Generation of smart stocking recommendations based on store shelves monitoring
  • Analysis of in-store usability
  • Application of virtual assistants and voice UI

Streamlining complex insurance workflows:

  • Underwriting acceleration
  • Identification of fraud patterns based on multi-source data
  • Blockchain-based security and transparency

Enhancing relationships between patients and healthcare facilities:

  • Eliminating double-booking through automated appointments
  • Simplifying claim management
  • Automating discharge-related processes

Providing workplace safety and product quality assurance:

  • Real-time monitoring of environmental conditions
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Smart storage based on data analysis of fast- and slow-moving items 
  • Real-time control of packing and dispatch

Ensuring omnichannel customer care:

  • Creating customer profiles based on data from different touchpoints
  • Pushing recommendations on next best actions
  • Analyzing brand sentiment 
  • Accelerating support with AI chatbots


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