Iflexion develops custom iBeacon applications to help companies across industries revamp their customer engagement strategies and gain deeper operational insights.

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iBeacons are already bringing value across business use cases. Our team will mold the technology in line with your industry specifics, objectives and customer needs.

Proximity Marketing

We develop marketing apps that drive proximity-based promotion by interacting with in-store iBeacons. Our software can broadcast highly personalized offers to regular customers based on their in-store location and shopping history, or send general promotional notifications to passing customers, funneling them into your store.


Iflexion’s engineers create iBeacon-powered apps that will assist customers in finding the way to the needed store department, service point, exit, exhibit, etc. We can also build corporate wayfinding tools that show employees, interns and guests the shortest route to a specific location, enabling quick and efficient navigation through your business premises.

Asset Tracking

We deliver apps for frontline workers to provide them with real-time visibility into the exact location of iBeacon-connected corporate equipment and devices. Our solutions will help you get control over asset movement and utilization, streamline inventory management, and make informed day-to-day decisions.

Live Engagement

To help your company amplify customers’ experiences during an event or in-store visit, we build custom iBeacon applications that facilitate location-tailored engagement. Our mobile solutions can supply visitors with helpful interactive content, enable self-guided tours, and offer gamified promotions

Smart Automation

Interacting with your iBeacon infrastructure, our specialized apps will help streamline operations, improve customer experience, and reduce employee workload. From sending personalized offers to visitors to instantly supplying shopping-floor personnel with customer information — we can build solutions to cover any aspect you require.

Customer Analytics

Iflexion will power up your customer-facing iBeacon mobile apps with advanced insight generation capabilities, allowing you to gather granular data on visitors’ in-store movements, measure behavioral patterns, and gauge valuable metrics regarding your business performance and customer engagement per store or office.
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Our iBeacon App Development Expertise

Through our iBeacon app development services, we enable SMBs and enterprises to harness the power of BLE-enabled solutions in order to elevate customer experience and streamline business operations.

iBeacon Technology Consulting

With the hands-on knowledge of the iBeacon technology, our consulting specialists will assist in handling challenges related to iBeacon infrastructure setup, configuration, and management. They will help you estimate optimal device coverage and ensure secure data transmission.

iBeacon App Design and Development

Based on your requirements, Iflexion’s software engineers will build your native or cross-platform mobile application for Android and/or iOS to interact with your iBeacon setup, with Iflexion’s designers complementing the app with an intuitive and truly user-friendly interface.

iBeacon App Integration

To help you make use of the iBeacon network without incurring major development costs, we will power up your existing mobile application with the iBeacon technology and revamp the app’s feature set with new proximity-based capabilities.

Our iBeacon App Development Focus

Accurate Proximity Mapping

Our engineers will implement forefront proximity identification algorithms into your iBeacon mobile app to provide for the ultimate reception range and high precision of indoor and outdoor proximity detection.

Precise Communication Timing

Iflexion’s development team will embed advanced notification mechanisms into your iBeacon app to ensure it delivers messages and promotional materials without time lags.

End-to-end Data Security

To secure sensitive user data, we will reinforce your iBeacon-powered solution with advanced encryption protocols to prevent beacon-to-app communication from being intercepted for malicious purposes.

The Platforms We Work With

Our engineers are proficient in mobile app configuration and development for a wide range of general-use and industry-specific iBeacon-compatible hardware.
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Your Questions Answered

Do iBeacons only work for iOS devices?

iBeacons are also compatible with devices running on Android 4.3 or later.

Do you manufacture iBeacons yourselves?

Iflexion does not manufacture iBeacons but instead works with the devices chosen by our clients. We are always open to consulting you on how to choose the most suitable iBeacon vendors for your project.

How soon can I expect an MVP?

Depending on the project’s complexity and your app requirements, we will deliver an MVP version of your custom iBeacon solution within 2 to 3 months.

Can I build one iBeacon app for all mobile platforms at once?

To help you reach both iOS and Android users, we can deliver a cross-platform iBeacon mobile app. Such applications are platform-agnostic and can work across devices without loss in usability or performance. Iflexion has a solid experience in designing and developing cross-platform applications using React Native, Xamarin, Flutter, and other proven frameworks.

How many iBeacons do I need to purchase?

Our team will help you calculate the optimal number of iBeacons based on the size and specifics of the coverage area and the devices’ BLE range.

How can I engage first-time visitors via iBeacons?

To engage first-time visitors, we offer to opt for beacons powered by the Eddystone communication protocol. Set up in high-traffic areas, these devices will broadcast your app download link to your visitors’ mobile phones through Google's Physical Web.


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