We create custom and platform-based digital marketplaces that drive sales of both products and services while offering a competitive experience to online buyers.

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Marketplace web development for all business models

Iflexion’s ecommerce development professionals offer their hands-on experience in building a digital marketplace adapted to your business model, monetization strategy, and audience. Our web solutions are mobile-ready by design so that you can serve a truly platform-agnostic experience.

B2B Marketplaces

Iflexion creates B2B marketplace software as digital platforms for business owners, suppliers, and vendors to grow their sales, speed up order processing, facilitate inventory management, and maintain long-term partnerships.
  • Wholesale commerce
  • Product and service catalogs
  • Price lists and calculators
  • Full-cycle order management 
  • Tax management 
  • Inventory management 

B2C Marketplaces

We build B2C marketplaces for businesses that aspire to let customers reach their preferred brands, products, and services online. Our solutions also become effective tools for companies looking to improve their sales and customer management.
  • Dynamic search filters
  • Smart shopping assistants
  • Offer personalization
  • Shipment tracking
  • AI recommendation engines
  • Secure payments

P2P Marketplaces

We develop P2P (aka C2C) marketplaces for our customers interested in helping digital users turn their hobbies, knowledge, and skills into a profitable business, all along with enabling online consumers to buy as conveniently as possible.
  • Intuitive vendor dashboards
  • Built-in advertising tools
  • Flexible monetization settings
  • Live chats and video calls
  • In-built user feedback and reviews
  • Product comparison

Mobile-first Marketplaces

With a professional mobile development team on board, Iflexion builds marketplaces that ensure successful shopping experience on mobile devices and allow businesses to effectively manage their mobile sales.
  • Secure user sign-on
  • Switchable user roles
  • Interactive user tutorials
  • Profile management 
  • Adjustable push notifications
  • Mobile shopping analytics

Social Commerce

By combining ecommerce marketplace capabilities with social media features, we create platforms that connect merchants, influencers, and investors with their customers through community-centric collaboration.
  • Social interaction tools
  • Community management 
  • Integration with social networks
  • Social auctions
  • Branded content
  • Sponsorships and ads

Market Networks

Iflexion’s consultants and technology experts deliver custom market networks able to unite independent vendors from similar or different domains targeting the same clients and sticking to collective and collaboration-driven services.
  • SaaS tools and components
  • Professional networking
  • Collaboration tools
  • Personal profile builders
  • Multi-level service management
  • Referral management 

Multi-vendor marketplace software

Iflexion delivers multi-vendor ecommerce software as centralized platforms with unified branding and business logic as well as solutions for hosting multiple independent marketplaces with a shared backend.

Complete Sales Visibility for Vendors

  • End-to-end product management
  • Marketing personalization and targeting
  • Sales reporting
  • Order management 
  • Customer analytics
  • Vendor support

Secure and Frictionless Experience for Customers

  • Multicurrency and e-wallets support
  • Multilingual site versions
  • Wish lists and favorites
  • Multiple synced shopping carts
  • Purchase history 
  • Social media integration

Marketplace web design

Iflexion will help you increase the value of your digital shopping platform by delivering unmatched device-agnostic UX and UI design.

Unique Layouts

Whether you choose to go with a set look-and-feel or create a versatile marketplace builder, we will make your solution stand out from the crowd. From wireframes to dynamic prototypes to frontend development, our team takes care of all marketplace design stages to create your eye-catching responsive solution.

UX in Focus

Our team is always ready to go the extra mile in marketplace website development to release a solution that will meet the most demanding users’ expectations. To put together an excellent UX, we define user personas, map user journeys, and define user behavior patterns to further develop features essential for a memorable digital experience.

Design Optimization

When you decide to overhaul your outdated design or it’s high time to reach new markets, design optimization is what can help you meet business goals without fundamentally rebuilding your marketplace. Our team will start by auditing your solution and take the necessary steps towards an improved design that lives up to your new challenges.

Marketplaces for various industries

Is your marketplace in need of a unique design?
Our team knows how to create one

Marketplace app development: from idea to launch

We offer comprehensive technological assistance at all stages of marketplace software development.

Choosing the Tech

Analyzing your business requirements, Iflexion’s team offers feasible options of your marketplace development regarding its tech stack and deployment model. At this stage, we design the future marketplace’s architecture that fits both your existing business environment and goals.

Releasing an MVP

We will get your marketplace MVP ready in a few months’ time so that you can start testing your product on real users as soon as possible. Our MVPs are functional and well-designed solutions that allow for further extension and customization. By launching an MVP, you can give your business a quick start and keep on improving your solution in line with your long-term development strategy.

Taking It to the Market

Shaping your marketplace solution further, we carry out its deployment, customization, and integration with third-party services and business systems such as CRM, ERP, analytical tools, and more. Quality assurance and software testing also make part of our services, to ensure your marketplace’s flawless operation and popularity with users.

Maintaining Long-term Success

Continuous support of a marketplace can be a heavy burden, especially when keeping it in-house. To avoid straining your resources, you can turn to Iflexion and get marketplace support and maintenance services in one package. On-demand and ongoing assistance are both possible, with their scope depending on your marketplace size, operational stability, and functional diversity.

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