We offer all-round data science consulting and engineering for your business to create a new competitive advantage with data-powered solutions.

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Data Audit

We assess your current data quality and structure to identify challenges, priorities, and opportunities for growth. Our data science experts thoroughly analyze how well your data addresses your company’s business goals, and then create a detailed roadmap for your data-centric transformation.

Data Cleansing and Organization

We help businesses classify, modify, format and organize information collected from multiple data sources. Our extensive experience allows us to quickly identify and address technical issues with databases. This contributes to effective customer base management and decision making across operations.

Data Visualization

Our data science consulting firm integrates and configures a variety of tools to help companies better interpret their data. We can convert datasets into interactive graphs and dashboards, which enables businesses to comprehend critical metrics in order to strategize and come up with best solutions.

Data Engineering

We deliver reliable and efficient data-driven software tailored to companies’ specific datasets, objectives and challenges. We build tools that extract the most value from data, enabling businesses to optimize spending, predict market demands, and better understand their target audiences.


Personalize Customer Experience

We create powerful recommendation engines that autonomously analyze customers’ past purchases and online behavior to better understand their buying patterns and suggest relevant products at the right time. Smart data analysis enables an unprecedent level of personalization, which boosts sales and nurtures customers’ loyalty.

Know What’s Next

Use the power of predictive analysis to always be prepared for sudden trend shifts and ever-changing market demands. Our data scientists devise and implement tools that help business leaders make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and monitor business dynamics proactively.

Improve Customer Retention

Acquiring new customers is more expensive than retaining existing ones. Our data science team can analyze your bulk of customer data to identify churn reasons and help you fix your customer retention strategy based on hard data, not assumptions.

Improve Business Operations

We implement tools that help businesses predict equipment malfunctions, automate manual processes, optimize inventory, and effectively manage assets. This enables companies to decrease operational costs and gain a better visibility into enterprise performance.
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Whether you need to build an advanced analytical tool, migrate databases, or visualize strategic data for executive-level decision makers, Iflexion is up to the job. Our data science consulting company will help you get started on the implementation of a detailed plan to extract maximum value out of your data. This is where our time-tested software development expertise meets the science of data to create new business advantages.

Implementation Strategy

We create a step-by-step project roadmap based on our analysis and your requirements. This includes defining the solution specifications, project timeline, milestones, KPIs, and datasets to work with at the next stages.

Data Organization

At this vital stage our team connects data sources, extracts data into a data warehouse, performs data cleansing, implements OLAP cubes and feeds data into machine learning models, if required.

Proof of Concept

We create a proof of concept to validate the solution’s feasibility before moving on to the deployment with real datasets. We conduct rigorous testing, discover areas for improvement, and refine the functionality to make it production-ready.

Cloud Data Migration

Our team performs safe cloud data migration, enabling your business to scale and reduce operational costs. We deploy private, public and hybrid cloud solutions based on Microsoft Azure, AWS or other platforms of your choice.

Solution Deployment

After the solution gets approved by your stakeholders and its viability is ensured, we deploy it to the live environment. At this stage, you get a fully operable data management solution that can serve as a solid foundation for your enterprise self-service analytics or other purposes.

Continuous Improvement

The agile nature of our solutions allows us to adjust them in order to comply with your changing business needs and objectives. Our professional data science development team constantly improves the efficiency of our delivered tools to help our clients stay relevant to the requirements of their users and the industry on the whole.


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