Iflexion helps you build or redesign a Salesforce solution for efficient automation of your business processes.

Salesforce: New or Revamped

Together with you, our certified team will pick the right option from our Salesforce implementation services:

New Salesforce Solutions

If you are new to the platform, our Salesforce implementation consultants will introduce you to its capabilities by designing and delivering your new custom system.

Salesforce Solution Redesign

We can adjust your Salesforce deployment to the changes in your business processes, as well as upgrade the system to improve user experience as needed.
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Salesforce Implementation: What We Work With

Our Salesforce implementation team analyzes your needs, recommends the most appropriate Salesforce tools, and designs the solution that can efficiently solve your challenges while fitting in your budget and time limits. Our experts interview stakeholders and collect requirements to plan scalable and highly performing software that can bring maximum results and support your business growth.

  • Salesforce consulting
  • Project requirements analysis
  • Business process design

Our Salesforce-certified team can strike a balance between using the platform’s default features and extra coding. We set up workflows, create user roles, design reports and dashboards, enable security and more features as your staff needs. If your Salesforce implementation requirements go beyond out-of-the-box features, we deliver custom functionality and apps using the Salesforce-approved toolkit. We can also create a branded UI in line with your corporate identity.

  • Configuration of default features
  • Custom logic, features, and apps
  • Custom design and UI elements
  • Setup and configuration of AppExchange apps
  • Testing (functional, performance, usability, scalability, and more)

Iflexion’s team helps you prepare, clean, and safely transfer data from your legacy system to the new solution with no loss or duplication.

To help you keep data in sync across your corporate systems and raise your team productivity, we can integrate Salesforce with other Clouds and on-premise systems (ERP, ecommerce platforms, loyalty management, collaboration portals, etc.).

To enforce your information security policies, our experts enable and configure Salesforce security for both out-of-the-box and custom features, as well as perform security testing.

  • Data migration to Salesforce
  • Data sync through integration with Salesforce Clouds and other systems
  • Data security, including Shield Platform Encryption

As we want your team to get convenient tools for their daily tasks, we welcome your end users to try out the Salesforce solution before it goes live and leave their feedback. If necessary, our team introduces final improvements before the release. We also offer optional post-launch user trainings to show your employees how to unlock the full potential of your Salesforce deployment.

  • User feedback processing
  • User training

When the solution is up and running, Iflexion can stay with your team to further improve Salesforce user experience. We will check for and solve any performance issues, as well as deliver updates and add more features as required by your business.

  • Maintenance and support

The Toolkit of Our Salesforce Implementation Consultants

Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is the best pick to automate sales processes, simplify sales management, and increase sales reps’ productivity. We will enable a smooth data flow to keep your customer profiles complete. With Sales Cloud, you will master the tools to personalize customer journeys. AI-powered sales guidance and predictive analytics will help you make your sales team more efficient.

Marketing Cloud

This Salesforce product helps B2B and B2C marketers to find clients and better understand them with aggregated data from diverse sources and Data Studio, Salesforce’s data sharing ecosystem. After configuring Marketing Cloud, you will be able to manage personalized communications with multiple customers. You will unlock omnichannel campaigns, analytics, AI-driven recommendations on the next best actions, and more.

Service Cloud

With this toolkit properly configured by our team, your support specialists can excel at customer service across all communication channels. In addition to automating certain service management processes (e.g. ticket escalation, email and call logging), Service Cloud will allow you to track and analyze cases to improve customer satisfaction with your services. Equipped with AI-powered chatbots and contextual recommendations, your support team can resolve cases faster and more accurately.

Commerce Cloud

With Commerce Cloud, B2B, B2C, and B2B2C companies can start selling their products online while personalizing customer experience. We will configure this Cloud so that you can access ecommerce capabilities relevant to your business model. For example, B2Bs will unlock subscription sales, account-based pricing, and split shipments; B2Cs will access AI-driven cross-selling, guided navigation, optimized checkout, and more.

Community Cloud

With Community Cloud, you can get a feature-rich branded portal to build long-term relationships with partners and customers. Iflexion’s Salesforce implementation team will help you showcase your brand with unique portal design and enable engagement features, such as forums, Q&As, personalized content delivery, and more.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Salesforce Einstein assists managers in business data analysis. AI-driven predictions and data discovery, clear visualizations and quickly accessible collaboration tools will help you act on data insights to grow your business.

Lightning Platform

Iflexion can build any custom business app using Salesforce Lightning. We will wrap custom features in your branded UI, enable AI and IoT capabilities, as well as integrate custom apps with other Salesforce Clouds or third-party software.


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