Web Portal with Medical Analytics Capabilities

  • Multifunctional web portal for collecting and analyzing results of medical research
  • Powerful report generation system
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Iflexion applied the hands-on experience of database building development to create a web portal integrated with a report generation system to simplify the analysis of medical research findings.

  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL
  • Ubuntu
  • XML
  • HTML
  • CSS


Our Customer is a provider of software development and QA services. The Customer has delivered hundreds of solutions to SMBs and enterprises worldwide. Since 2007, the company has been collaborating with Iflexion. During this time, we have completed tens of projects of different types and complexity.

One of the Customer’s clients is a company aiming to help community doctors by providing them with efficient health information services. The client discovered that their legacy medical portal stopped meeting their business requirements, as it provided neither consistent user experience nor easy maintenance and support. The project idea was to update the solution enhancing the user experience and enrich its functionality with a medical analytics module.


Iflexion was to accomplish 3 major tasks:

1.      To develop a scalable web portal allowing for creating and modifying thousands of records.

2.      To develop a powerful analytical and report generation module that would analyze medical research data and provide recommendations on diagnostic and treatment plans.

3.      To integrate the modules seamlessly.

The major challenge was to systemize large amounts of unstructured, heterogeneous biochemical findings, transform them into well-structured objects, and provide users with easy access to the information on demand. Leveraging profound experience of data normalization in multiple enterprise-level projects, Iflexion’s team managed to solve the task with minor efforts.

Striving for maximum efficiency of the collaboration, our team employed a flexible SCRUM development methodology. The workflow was organized in consecutive iterations – short periods of time with strictly defined functionality to implement. Thanks to the flexible methodology and daily communication with the Customer, our dedicated team completed intermediate tasks on schedule.


Iflexion delivered a complex solution comprising a scalable web portal and an advanced reporting system. The solution enables physicians to find results of medical research in order to create evidence-based diagnostic and treatment plans. The web portal and the medical analytics module interact with each other via web API.

The solution automates the following business processes:

  • Collecting information on finished medical research
  • In-depth analysis of the findings
  • Designing diagnostic and treatment plans
  • Report generating

Built with the focus on research information analysis, the medical analytics solution provides for 3 user roles with the following functionality:

  • Curator. This type of user is responsible for collecting, structuring, and analyzing the information on medical studies.
  • Medical practitioner. Having examined a patient, the doctor requests relevant research results to fine-tune the clinical management plan.
  • Administrator. The system operator manages user accounts and configures the overall system’s operation.
Medical analytics solution scheme


The solution is based on the Spring framework (IoC, Security, Integration, Batch, MVC), Hibernate products (JPA, Metamodel), and AngularJS (+Bootstrap, Less, Lodash).

The developers used a 4-layer architecture. The 4 layers of the system are:

  • Presentation layer: HTML, Less, AngularJS, and Lodash
  • Business logic layer: Spring, Jackson, Jax-WS/RS
  • Persistence layer: Hibernate, JPA, Spring Data, MySQL​
  • Integration layer: Spring Integration, DynamicReports, Liquibase

For the report generation feature, our team applied DynamicReports – a Java reporting tool based on the JasperReports library.



To meet the Customer’s requirements, our team leveraged a perfect blend of the relevant medical analytics techniques that hadn’t been used in the original solution (data normalization, database architecture building), which resulted in increased productivity and scalability.

The system has acquired positive feedback from the target audience. The end users of the solution were satisfied with a clear and intuitive UI, instant system response, and rich functionality of the solution.


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