Requirements Audit for Sharepoint-based Enterprise Portal Development

  • Thorough analysis of the requirements for an MS SharePoint-based portal development
  • Detailed requirements specification
  • Custom home page design
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Iflexion helps one of the 10 largest IT corporations of Russia to define project requirements, preparing fine-grained specifications ahead of schedule.



Our Customer is one of the 10 largest IT corporations of Russia providing all-scale companies with software/hardware solutions. Automating business processes and improving IT infrastructure, the Customer implements thousands of complex and geographically distributed projects each year, and one of them required immediate professional help of IT specialists.

The Customer was tasked with enterprise portal development for a large drilling company with 13 000+ employees. The solution was to unite information, people and processes, allowing all employees to receive information about the company, additional data from external resources and submit requests for the IT infrastructure support. The portal should have become a consolidated information area with the single access point.

For a score of reasons the Customer decided to outsource the analysis of his client’s requirements and the functional specification of the portal. As Iflexion was a reliable, long-term partner with already proven top quality of the delivered services in a series of the Customer’s projects, the company couldn’t but turn to us to rescue the project.

Objectives and Challenges

Iflexion’s engagement was supposed to be short-term and relatively small, so the Time and Material model of collaboration was established as the most suitable and cost-effective for the Customer.

Our team was tasked with an in-depth analysis of the initial requester’s requirements and the creation of a detailed project specification through the following intermediate targets:

  • gathering and analyzing the client’s specific requirements, the existing business processes and documenting the results
  • developing a homepage layout according to the client’s corporate identity
  • offering hands-on ways of the technical implementation of the depicted functions.

The real challenge was to collect and make the system requirements consistent, as they differed a lot in format presentation, the level of detail and even business interests, because some requirements items conflicted with each other. It was necessary to clarify the information on a regular basis. Thanks to the established good relationship and seamless communication with the Customer, we made the questionable points clear with no time and information losses.


Leveraging a solid experience of requirements analysis and fully understanding the out-ofthe-box capabilities of SharePoint, our analyst perfectly identified the business needs and mapped them to the MS SharePoint 2013 functionality.

The results of the research were further presented in the form that could be understood by the system developers and explain to the business how to take advantage of the IT capabilities.

According to the specification, a MS SharePoint-based solution was designed to support 4 user roles providing for the following capabilities:

The portal was to be integrated with several systems - Active Directory, an accounting application and IBM Lotus Domino - to develop the following features:

Our business analyst also delivered a detailed home page layout for the Customer, which made the enterprise portal development plan even more evident.

During cooperation we kept in touch with the Customer using email and everyday Skype calls, which greatly simplified collaboration and kept the Customer up with the analysis process. The Customer set clear objectives that remained unchangeable in the course of the collaboration, so we managed to complete the task ahead of the schedule, providing him with significant cost savings.


Extensive experience in business analysis and excellent communication and presentation skills allowed Iflexion to perform thorough examination of the system requirements and translate them into an extended enterprise portal development specification, greatly simplifying the Customer’s work on the solution’s implementation. The Customer was genuinely satisfied with our work bringing him nothing but profit and was looking forward to further cooperation with Iflexion.

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