Software Maintenance Services for Airport Interactive Wall

  • Continuous support of a custom application ensuring the wall’s operability
  • Tech-centric collaboration with the customer’s internal IT team
  • Software functionality enhancements for easier maintenance and better user experience
Media Content Distribution
Travel & Hospitality

Iflexion provided L2 and L3 support and maintenance services for an airport interactive wall to ensure its flawless operation.

  • Microsoft .NET
  • PHP
  • Node.js


Our customer is a global technology and consulting company delivering digital services and solutions to clients in 100+ countries. The customer’s solution is an airport interactive news wall that provides travelers with instant access to the latest news and information, including weather, sports, entertainment, etc. The wall is motion-activated and has an interactive touch-screen display that allows airport visitors to quickly access the information they are interested in.


The application is a combination of custom and third-party software and hardware modules. The wall components include:

  • An interactive wall display that shows content upon movement
  • Two Microsoft Kinect sensors that process user activity and activate the wall’s display
  • A mobile website that duplicates the wall’s content on mobile devices
  • An admin interface for maintaining and editing content
  • The wall’s system coordinates all the components and ensures a smooth user experience. 

With the first version of the solution delivered in the early 2000s, the application became outdated with performance and stability affected. For example, server lockups occurred twice a day and minor server issues happened 10 times a day, on average.

Being deployed at an airport, the solution was accessed by hundreds of users daily, so its stable work was critical for the customer. They wanted to ensure flawless interaction of multiple components, as well as smooth solution operation so that that airport visitors could access the wall's content at any time and without any trouble.

The customer did not have the available resources to provide 24/7 application support. Therefore, they were searching for an experienced software development vendor that would provide application development and maintenance services and would have the relevant expertise in .NET development to handle the app fine-tuning. The customer chose Iflexion because of our ability to provide the overall technical supervision 24/7, including all levels of support, and their competences in both .NET and PHP technologies.


Iflexion provided 24/7 assistance, resolving various requests, from server-side bugs to security vulnerabilities and sensitive information protection. We performed: 

  • 24/7 L2 support, providing investigation and resolution of complex technical issues, assisting the customer’s team with system reboots and database administration.
  • L3 engineering support that included application maintenance services, coding, as well as bug fixes and minor enhancements, regular reporting, and defect tracking.

To ensure the wall’s reliable operation and long-term stability, our support and maintenance services included:

  • Troubleshooting and bug fixes. We provided end-to-end software maintenance services, from issue troubleshooting to wall system patching the wall system.
  • Application administration. Iflexion developed detailed instructions for the customer’s team on how to administer the wall’s system.
  • Application upgrades. Iflexion kept the application up to date and applied patch updates for the underlying third-party systems once they became available. We tested the patches and coordinated them with the customer’s team, thus minimizing the negative impact of updates on the system’s operation.

To ensure automated and predictable releases of the application in the future, we established a continuous delivery infrastructure and set up continuous testing and deployment tools.


We started with the knowledge transfer phase that helped us better understand how the application functions and how all the components should interact with each other. We studied application development documentation and the source code, analyzed its functionality and operating infrastructure.

Upon knowledge transfer completion, our team provided software maintenance and support services. The issue response time depended on the severity level of each support case. The tasks with high severity level were resolved within 2 business hours, and it took up to 1 hour to fix issues with the critical severity level.

Throughout the project, our team collaborated closely with the customer’s internal IT specialists. During the teamwork, software engineers discussed the existing issues and the optimal ways of fixing them, as well as possible improvements that would allow the customer to avoid future problems with the wall’s performance. Besides, to help the customer streamline bottlenecks resolving, our specialists prepared application administration instructions and guidelines explaining what should be changed and how.


Iflexion has been providing ongoing maintenance and support services for over a year, resolving arising issues and bottlenecks. We eliminated server lockups completely, which ensured the wall’s long-term stable and reliable operation. We also offered and implemented the necessary enhancements that made the entire system more lightweight and user-friendly. Iflexion’s keeps on providing two levels of support services, thus helping the customer to eliminate failures promptly and enabling airport users to get accurate information from the wall’s display.


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