Facebook Game Development for a US Media Agency

  • Technology solution for media content distribution on Facebook based on the plots of TV series
  • Robust solution for media content management and video streaming
  • Social aspect of gamification
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A US-based media agency turns to Iflexion with a request to develop social gaming applications to promote TV series. 



Our customer is a US media agency that connects brands with their audience with the help of technical solutions. Since the television comes online more and more nowadays, there are new ways to explore the target audience and involve them into various activities. Eventually it attracts more viewers. With that in mind, our Customer had an idea of creating social games that would promote TV series for two large TV corporations ― Fox Broadcasting Company (NBC). They chose Iflexion as the trusted service provider as we demonstrated the necessary knowledge and expertise in Facebook game development.


The solution developed by Iflexion is represented by a comprehensive media content distribution system. It includes a range of social gaming applications that are based on the TV series plots. The social aspect of the solution leads to its spreading online as users engage their friends to play games with them. There are leaderboards, options of voting and posting achievements to their profiles.

Here are some examples of the applications:


“Fill in the Blank: Fringe” app offers its users to watch a video clip from the series and guess the contents of the next episode. Users get scores, collect badges and can engage their friends into competition.

House MD

The extraordinary personality of House attracts fans from all over the world. The “Complete the House-ism Quiz” offers users testing their knowledge of House philosophy.


The original music and interesting characters make the show “Glee” very popular. If users know someone similar to one of the characters, they can create a “Glee: Separated at Birth” certificate and share it with friends on the wall or create a dedicated photo album.

Animation Domination

“One or the Other: Animation Domination” offers choosing one of the two scenarios, involving FOX animation characters. The application also provides the statistics on answers of other users from all over the world.

New Girl

“Douchebag Jar” popularized in FOX “New Girl” show allows counting how much a user owes to the Douchebag Jar. Users can post this result on their walls, share it with friends, and tweet using their Twitter account.

The Cleveland Show

“Hurricane Survival Plan” based on the plot of “The Cleveland Show” offers creating an Emergency Friends List that includes names of those friends, who you can turn to in case a disaster strikes. The users can also see their friends' survival plan if they have the app installed.

Your Friends On Fox

This application allows Facebook users to create a collage with famous TV series characters. There is a set of pictures the users can choose form. Then they can drag-and-drop pictures onto a blank canvas, manage pictures, clean the canvas, and choose background color. The created collage can be shared with the users’ Facebook friends or save to their computer.

How Crazy Is Your Baby?

“How Crazy Is Your Baby?” application provides its users with an interesting opportunity: they can generate pictures of babies that could have been “born” to a couple of Facebook friends. Users choose two Facebook friends and answer multiple-choice questions on their personal traits and physical characteristics. Then the app generates an image of a prospective baby. The image can be posted to Facebook walls or saved in a user’s Facebook album.

Fox Comic Book Generator

This application allows Facebook users to create comics using comic strip templates, screen shots of TV series, uploaded custom pictures, and chat bubbles. Users can crop pictures and add pictures’ parts to the comics, as well as make up dialogues by adding chat bubbles and text. The resulting comics can be posted to their Facebook pages or saved.


In the course of Facebook game development, Iflexion delivered compact RoR-based web applications placed into Facebook and Amazon EC2 environments.

The presentation layer is based on Flash/Flax technology and offers attractive user interface. Ruby on Rails is the base for the business logic and offers a powerful admin panel to manage application activity. Facebook serves as the native distribution platform for all the games. Amazon Cloud is as a deployment foundation and integration layer insuring high performance and scalability standing high loads from crowd gaming. The persistence layer is powered by MySQL.


As a result of this cooperation on Facebook game development and audience engagement, our Customer got a number of robust social gaming applications for the Facebook platform that successfully promote popular Fox and NBC TV series by means of a powerful gamification aspect.

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