Fully-fledged SharePoint Document Management System for Oil & Gas Enterprise

  • Full-cycle document management and collaboration on more than 10 million corporate documents
  • Centralized repository for all documents located on multiple SharePoint sites
  • Advanced search and sorting features for users to find documents stored in multiple libraries
  • Permanent control over documents’ quality and value
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Oil & Gas

Using document management solution created by Iflexion’s team, the Customer’s employees can easily process large amounts of corporate documents.

  • Microsoft .NET
  • SharePoint
  • JavaScript
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • jQuery
  • HTML


Our Customer is one of the leading Oil & Gas enterprises that develops over 2,000 square kilometers of license areas. The Oil & Gas industry implies working in accordance with strict documented rules and standards, so the Customer’s successful operation depends heavily on internal document management processes. Since the company didn’t have a suitable document management system (DMS), the Customer turned to Iflexion to design and implement a custom DMS.


Inefficient document management resulting in substantial money losses became the major driver of the project. The Customer revealed that the company was losing hundreds of thousands of dollars annually due to document management challenges that employees faced daily.

Hence, it was crucial for the Customer to provide their distributed teams with a powerful DMS to minimize losses. The system had to enable quick and convenient search across multiple document libraries, permanent access to the up-to-date files available for reading, editing and sharing, and collaborative document management throughout the organization.


As the Customer was running a SharePoint deployment, Iflexion’s team offered to develop a fully functioning SharePoint document management solution. Having an extensive experience in SharePoint consulting, our specialists designed and implemented a solution enabling employees to:

  • Create, edit and review documents, comment on them.
  • Keep track of documents’ expiry dates to remove or refresh files on time.
  • Use advanced search and sorting features to find documents stored in multiple libraries.

Manage user permissions to regulate access to documents depending on employees’ roles.

Document integrity & freshness

The solution provides document integrity and allows users to keep all documents up-to-date owing to:

  • Flexible system of links connecting all the documents.
  • System of automatic notifications ensuring timely content update.

Built-in appendices

As the Customer is an international enterprise, Iflexion’s team implemented custom functionality to let users create appendices to documents in different languages separately or simultaneously.

To generate an appendix, employees can use predefined elements of a corporate glossary, for example:

  • Links to external and internal regulatory acts
  • Terms and definitions
  • Abbreviations

Since a term or an abbreviation can have several meanings, employees can add any number of meanings in an appendix. Additionally, users can couple the added meaning with links to internal documents containing terms and abbreviations with this particular meaning.

Interactive document hierarchy

We applied JavaScript to make multilevel document structure interactive. All documents are visualized in a form of a tree so that users can promptly find a document’s location in the DMS.

Convenient document search

Users can search for documents in different languages, filtering them by date of creation, document status, version, keywords and phrases and more. If employees find a mistake or don’t agree with the translation of bilingual documents, they can share their versions in comments.

Additionally, the SharePoint DMS allows employees to see rejected documents, documents with an expiring validity, as well as a list of documents that users failed to upload, together with failure reasons.

Integration with an enterprise ECM

Iflexion's SharePoint consultants also helped the Customer integrate the new portal with LiveLink (today a part of OpenText Content Suite). This enabled employees to store documents in LiveLink while keeping metadata in SharePoint.


Iflexion developed and implemented the corporate SharePoint document management system in line with the Customer’s requirements. The DMS allows users to:

  • Store up to 10 million documents and organize them into libraries by topics, importance, purpose or business domain (for example, operational registers, critical documents, legal documents, etc.).
  • Find necessary documents quickly with the help of full-text and attributive search, as well as a variety of filters.
  • Arrange and group documents, sorting them by author and sites they are located on.
  • Collaborate on documents in real time via co-authoring and co-editing features, regardless of employees’ locations.
  • Prevent frequent negative consequences of manual document management, such as document duplication, slow document management cycles and document loss, which often leads to business mistakes and unexpected failures.

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