Robust Online eCommerce Solution for a Fashion Retailer

  • Robust eCommerce platform development
  • Integration with internal systems
  • Real time data tracking
Web & Enterprise Portals

A successful latest style retailer offering a versatile range of top-notch global brands decides to launch an online eCommerce platform to support their city center store and leverage sales.



Our Customer is an established fashion retailer offering a wide range of world-class brands. The company decided to move the business forward by supporting the store they run in the city center and launch a robust retail eCommerce solution integrated with their internal corporate systems. Due to the vast expertise in eCommerce development, Iflexion team was chosen to perform the task.


In accordance with the Customer’s needs, Iflexion team developed a Magento-based online fashion store that covers every aspect of searching and purchasing fashion items. A user can create and make changes to their personal account, search items from a voluminous catalogue and filter them by various categories. A single-page checkout implemented by our team allows clients to reduce the time spent on a purchase. After placing an order, a user can track it in a real time mode.

eCommerce Solution: Overview

To engage existing clients and attract new ones we implemented a subscription option for the company’s latest news and special offers, as well as a feature that lets the system select fashion items for a user based on the user information provided.

As it was important for the Customer that internal systems would work in tune with the new retail eCommerce solution, Iflexion team provided integration of the developed product with 3rd party corporate solutions, such as 1C ERP, Master Data Management (MDM) and CRM systems.

We also created an MDM solution that collects, consolidates and distributes the data to other systems with a view to enable working with shared information used by multiple system applications – users, products and reference information.

MDM Solution to support eCommerce data flows

Data exchange is performed via asynchronous messages using IBM WebSphere MQ, an IBM message oriented middleware. It allows for the complete systems connectivity, when each system has the same data structure of product hierarchy, reference information, localization, etc. So when a new product or a category is added to the MDM, it is automatically exchanged with other systems.

Development Process

Iflexion team that consisted of 7 developers, 3 QA-engineers and a business analyst was engaged in full cycle delivery of the retail eCommerce solution, including:

  • Implementation of mobile devices APIs
  • Website development
  • Website control panel development
  • Integration layer development

Iflexion worked in cooperation with the distributed project team which involved an internal Customer’s team, Design team from France, 3rd party systems representatives, as well as IBM representatives. We performed daily and weekly stand up calls and meetings to maintain the communication process, discuss project scope and plans, as well as keep the Customer updated on a project progress.

To execute testing step by step instead of testing the whole system at once, our team decided to apply Scrum practices and split it up into 6 testing sprints, thus, making the testing process transparent, traceable, and, consequently, efficient.


We chose Magento Enterprise Edition as the main platform due to its high performance characteristics, various customization options, enhanced catalogue and content management features.

To build a visually appealing and user-friendly interface we utilized JavaScript, jQuery, HTML and CSS. Persistence layer was build using MySQL database management system.


In the course of 6 months, Iflexion team delivered an eCommerce solution in accordance with all the Customer’s requirements and expectations. The website features intuitive user interface, rich product catalogues with filters, necessary functionality for clients and employees, as well as integration with the Customer’s corporate systems and the whole system connectivity.

The Customer’s website successfully went live and demonstrated stable work without fail. There are almost 20 thousand active users monthly at the moment and the number is growing constantly.

The Customer is happy with the eCommerce solution development results and is planning to continue working with Iflexion team in future.

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