Queue Jumping Mobile App

  • Rapid delivery of basic, yet flawlessly working app functionality to the market
  • Winning users over with valuable and intuitive experience
  • Enhancing the app incrementally according to reception by the target market

Iflexion implements a cross-platform mobile service for a one-man startup company proving that, with an experienced one-stop technology services provider, it only takes a decent business idea to launch a successful digital services company.



Our customer ‒ a startup company located in Boston, MA ‒ came up with a business idea for a technology service. The business concept lied with acting as a 3rd party VIP service provider between food businesses and their customers. Thus, individuals who are in a rush ‒ or just mind the value of their time ‒ could jump the queue or enter a VIP line by paying a fee from their virtual wallets. To make this digital business idea work, the customer needed cross-platform mobile app development services to deliver a sleek mobile app for iPhone and Android devices that would provide visitors of restaurants, cafes, bars, coffee shops, or any other food businesses with a simple and convenient way to take advantage of the service.


Move It is a waiting line management and prioritization system applicable to restaurant and retail industry. It enables people to skip long waiting lines at their discretion for a fee, thus, getting to their ultimate destinations faster.

Development Process

As a one-stop technology services provider with the solid background in mobile app development, Iflexion covered all aspects of the solution delivery, from requirements clarification and documentation through technology consulting, user interface and logo design to actual development and testing of the mobile app and web admin panel to it. Project delivery highlights:

  • Having analyzed the application functionality scope, usage of device-specific features and UI requirements along with time and budget constraints, Iflexion proposed using Xamarin platform (namely, Xamarin.Forms) to take advantage of common user interface code and shared C# codebase for iPhone and Android devices.
  • The customer received all-round assistance with navigating App Store and Google play for app submission and post-submission specifics
  • Startup oriented contracting model provided for flexibility adapting to the ongoing evolution of the requirements scope as the customer enhanced and modified their business vision according to the feedback received from end users.


Iflexion’s cross-platform mobile app development services involved implementation of the following functionality: 


Currently, the app is at the active promotion stage, available on the App Store and Google play.


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