Geolocation App Development for Banking Industry

  • Cross-platform mobile module (iOS, Android, and Windows Phone native)
  • Extensive geolocation functionality available on the go
  • Currently integrated into the official mobile app of one of the largest European banks
Banking & Finance

Iflexion develops a cross-platform mobile geo-location module for displaying, searching, and planning routes.

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Google Maps
  • SQLite


A European software development company was aiming to enable their customers ‒ banking institutions and financial companies ‒ to draw more clients with extensive geolocation functionality available on the go. To achieve this goal, the company needed to develop native location-based mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms. The solution was designed to either function as a standalone mobile application or connect to an existing app as a library.

As a company experienced in geolocation app development, Iflexion joined the Customer’s in-house team to assist with the project implementation.


Iflexion’s development team was to implement the following features:

  • Integration with Google and Yandex mapping services on different mobile platforms.
  • Enabling companies to customize the app according to their brand books.


Working side by side with the Customer’s designer and backend developer, Iflexion’s mobile app developers, and quality assurance specialists were tasked with the iOSAndroid and Windows Phone apps development and testing.

With the Customer’s requirements and deadlines for the project clearly defined, we chose fixed price as the engagement model for the project. It provided a high level of predictability for both the Customer and the Iflexion’s project team, eliminating risks associated with the budget creep. 

Integration with Google Maps and Yandex.Maps

Iflexion engaged specialists who had a thorough understanding of cross-platform dependencies in working with third-party systems and services, which assured the delivered solution would run seamlessly on all mobile platforms (iOS, Android, WP). 


To enable companies to customize the app according to their brand books, Iflexion implemented a flexible attribute system on the server side provided for easy configuration of the app’s user interface, filters, etc. 

Key Features

Designed as a SaaS application, the solution primarily caters to the needs of banks and insurance companies, aiming to provide their clients with rich geolocation displaying and searching functionality. The module offers a variety of geo-information services, including:

  • Mapping objects: displaying ATMs, bank branches, or offices on the map.
  • Displaying information on the selected objects: every object on the map contains further information on the object’s type, name, address, opening hours, etc. displayed at the click of the More button.
  • Map routing: allows users to plan routes and instantly get walking or driving directions to the locations they need.
  • Advanced location-based searching and filtering functionality: robust search engine implemented within the solution provides an array of filtering options ranging from showing only ATMs with the specified currency available to search for the items located within easy reach of a specified subway station.
  • Geoblocking: users can restrict transactions to a specified geographical area, which protects them from fraud.

The users can choose the map they prefer to work with (Google Maps or Yandex.Maps) and customize its layout by selecting different themes the map providers comprise.

Technology Overview

The geolocation app’s development started with a thorough requirement analysis to find out the best possible way to implement the required features. Our developers leveraged native software development kits for iOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile platforms to provide high application performance and responsiveness with a smooth user experience. The SQLite relational database management system formed the solution’s database layer.


Iflexion’s project team built a fully featured mobile solution available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms within 5 months from the project initiation. The system provides a wide range of convenient geolocation features, such as positioning, geotagging, geoblocking, and others. The developed module serves as a perfect informational tool for the end users, as well as protects them and their devices.

The interface customization feature makes it possible to adjust the application according to the branding strategy of every particular bank or an insurance company utilizing the system.

The solution is currently integrated into the official mobile app of one of the largest European banks for locating its ATMs, branches, and other structural units. 

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