Custom eLearning Development for a Californian Educational Institution

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Iflexion provides custom eLearning development services for a Californian educational institution.

  • Java
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An educational institution decided to expand their services and offer online educational courses for their students. They had a legacy application developed by programmers of a local university a number of years ago and requested Iflexion, a company with a solid experise in e-learning development, to fix its defects and add some new features.

Having analyzed the legacy application, our experts found that it had an outdated user interface, poor functionality, and inability to support a large number of users. So they came up with a proposal to replace it with a completely new solution and proceeded with the custom eLearning development process.


The online solution developed by Iflexion’s team provides application, course, and user management features. It has a built-in News System and Courses Calendar, and a number of modules:

  • Syllabus module for creating and managing the syllabus
  • E-test module that facilitates real-time online exams
  • Grade Book module with different types of graphic representations and scoring systems for tutors and students

The Online Courses application is used by the teaching staff of the university and offers comprehensive educational materials, a range of online tests, advanced tools to track students’ achievements, a number of communication tools, and other functionality.

System Highlights

  • Presentation Tool allows a tutor/teacher to create HTML-based educational presentations that comprise two kinds of materials: explanations and interactive tests. Presentation materials can include text, images, and sound files. The presentations can be either exported into HTML files viewed offline or deployed to the main suite with online access for students.

  •  Communication Tools (Learning Chat Rooms, Message Box) enable users to post and discuss educational questions in a real-time mode. Tutors can send mail, including mass mail to all students at once.

  • Educational Features (Course Modules, Learning Oriented Maps (LOMs), Content Pages) enable tutors to visualize material and make the learning process interesting and easy. They can:

    • Create and fill in online educational modules with test questions.

    • Upload ad hoc educational maps with glossaries, terms, and learning questions.

    • Import converted .doc, .pdf, and .ppt files.

  • Tracking and Analysis Tools (Grade Tracking System, Course Statistics, and Analysis) display all modules, tests, LOMs, and Paper Tests students have taken. They are represented by tables, charts, and diagrams. Thus, one can see how students’ grades change within a certain period and identify problems. The tutor can see assignment statuses (Non-Started, In Progress, Finished, or Non-Scored) and reset scores.

  • eMom Module allows tracking students’ success through an advanced grade tracking and reporting system that alerts tutors about low scores or missed e-tests to draw their attention so that students do not fail the course. It includes a number of surveys that help to establish effective communication with these students, find out what kind of problems they have and adjust their schedule if needed.

  • Auxiliary system tools (File Converter and Log Files) facilitate the use of the system and provide the capability to analyze user behavior. Tutors can convert .doc, .pdf, and .ppt files into html pages with different types of content (text, images, and terminology), which can be further uploaded to the application, as well as track students’ activities, which are logged to a relevant file. The system also logs tutors’ activities (available for system administrators). Presentation Tool allows a tutor/teacher to create HTML-based educational presentations that comprise two kinds of materials: explanations and interactive tests. Presentation materials can include text, images, and sound files. The presentations can be exported either into HTML files viewed offline, or can be deployed to the main suite with online access for students.

Development Process

The main goal of the project was to develop a powerful custom eLearning solution that would have an attractive interface, advanced functions and would be easy to use. One of the main requirements was high performance, as it was important for the Customer that the solution supported a large number of users simultaneously.

Also, as a secondary goal, the solution had to provide Application Service Providers possibilities (the application server had to provide online educational courses for any other organization and students). The system was to have a customizable web design and multiple browser support (incl. PDA-based).

The design concepts of the solution were created in cooperation with the Customer’s domain experts and Iflexion business analysts.

The solution has a scalable JAVA Servlet (Pages) API-based architecture and supports a wide range of browsers and operational systems (full set of well-known MAC, Linux, Windows browsers, and PDA browsers, with page optimization for mobile resolutions. The application features user-friendly and light-weight web design, custom GUI (colors, fonts, etc.), and multilingual support.


The Online Courses is a web-based application supporting different browsers. Its architecture is based on a three-layer framework, which uses customizable JSP Tag Libraries for the presentation layer, Java and Servlet API classes for business logic, file system and MySQL for content and data storage. The implemented framework is already reused in other web-based Java applications, which proves its scalability and lower cost of integration.


The Customer was happy with the level of service and communication provided by Iflexion. After completing the custom eLearning development project, we have continued our collaboration by implementing new features requested by the Customer. Besides, Iflexion’s specialists suggested several ideas to advance the software design, which was highly appreciated by the investors, so a new project was funded. This new successfully developed software facilitated the work of the teaching staff of the university digitizing their classes’ management.


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