eLearning Platform Development for Online Business Coaching

  • Full cycle coaching process support
  • Secure personal data collection, storage and distribution
  • Integration with SageCRM, Box.com, Google and Outlook Calendars
  • User activity tracking and management
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Addressing the Customer’s desire to cut down on administrative costs related to manual data processing and to enhance their clients’ coaching experience, Iflexion delivered a top-notch eLearning portal.

  • Angular.Js
  • .Net MVS
  • MS SQL Server
Software Engineers


Our customer - Building Champions Inc., a US-based pioneer in business coaching – aimed at developing a web-portal that would facilitate the coaching process by providing seamless client data and activity management. The customer’s business goal was to reduce administrative costs related to manual data processing and to enhance their clients’ coaching experience. With this in mind Building Champions Inc. turned to Iflexion as a reputable eLearning platform development company with the proven track record of successfully launched E- learning tools, and CRM implementation and integration projects.


The platform represents an interactive E-learning tool which comprises a set of instruments for personal data collection and management, activity tracking and administration, content management and distribution and more. In the course of eLearning platform development, Iflexion delivered a web-based application that enables swift collection and subsequent upload of clients’ personal data to Building Champions’ CRM system as well as it allows users to retrieve relevant information, tasks, schedules and documents from the CRM via the web portal.


The solution is fully integrated with the customer’s CRM, thus, ensuring smooth workflow and delivering coherent experience. Its functionality varies depending on different user roles as to provide users only with the tools relevant for their tasks:

  • Clients submit their personal information, fill in profile questionnaires, sit online psychological tests, view session schedules and upload them to their calendars, view notifications, messages and action plans, and upload/download relevant documents via the web-portal;
  • Administrators utilize the web-portal to view client activity logs, edit questionnaires, and receive e-mail notifications on user activity;
  • Coaches access client data through CRM, track and schedule clients’ activity, send private messages, upload/download relevant documents and receive e-mail notifications.

Data Collection and Storage


The platform gives manual data processing and its further submission to the CRM a chop by virtue of full automation of these tasks. The application generates registration links which are sent to users by e-mail. When registering within the platform clients submit their personal information, upload photos, fill in profile questionnaires and sit online psychological tests. The submitted data is subsequently uploaded to the CRM and is stored in its database, while personal information remains fully editable by clients through the web-portal.


Activity Tracking and Management

Enhancing E-learning and automating related routine tasks implies that user activity tracking and management should also be elevated. To this end, the platform is specifically designed as to let both coaches and clients easily keep track of their advancement and administer it.


The solution enables administrators to track online activity of users and receive corresponding notifications whenever their clients upload documents, complete tasks, reschedule coaching sessions or edit personal data. The clients, in turn, are timely notified of new session schedules, tasks and documents uploaded by coaches.



The platform is fully integrated with Google and Outlook calendars, which provides clients with a possibility to seamlessly sync information on deadlines and schedules across multiple devices in just one click, thus, delivering improved user experience.


Cloud Storage

The solution utilizes Box.com cloud services to secure safe and prompt access to documents uploaded by all users. These are learning materials, treatises, completed assignments and other media content which client and coaches easily upload and access via both the web portal and the CRM respectively. The solution also provides an ability to modify existing editable media content and save changes online without the need to re-upload them to the cloud.


The eLearning platform development relied on ASP.NET MVC as the main technology platform along with several third-party components and Microsoft Entity Framework as the data access layer. The database layer is built on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2. The front-end of the delivered web-application is developed using Twitter Bootstrap, a powerful framework encompassing HTML/CSS templates, responsive grids, JQuery plug-ins and other UI elements. The Iflexion Team leveraged the framework to create a user-friendly cross-browser GUI.  The solution is fully integrated with SageCRM - a scalable and affordable customer management solution – as to ensure smooth data exchange and access. Highly customizable Box API was utilized to secure seamless content sharing.


The platform was successfully launched after a year of cooperation. Iflexion’s dedicated team developed a comprehensive solution tailored to the needs of the customer. The platform provided for the elimination of manual data processing related to the submission of information to CRM, thus, relieving the customer from routine operations and retrieving additional resources to further enhance coaching services. Our cooperation is still in progress as additional functionality and features are being introduced to fully achieve all business objectives.

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