Single-view Information Management Software for a U.S. Police Department

  • Many-sided information management, including data collecting and categorizing, items’ linking, advanced search & many more
  • On-the-fly report generation
  • Customizable OutLook-like user interface
  • Access control and roles management
Business Process Automation
Public Sector

Iflexion was entrusted to develop a powerful information management system for a local police department to replace their out-of-date solution.



The Customer is one of the U.S. police departments. It supports state and local law enforcement, maintains criminal record and identification systems, and provides general police services (e.g., highway and traffic enforcement, statewide investigation, intelligence and emergency management).

The Customer requested to develop a C3IS solution — a Command, Control, Communications, and Investigations System. It had to replace the out-of-date “Police Evidence Management System” application, used by the state police department at the time. The legacy system lacked information management and personalized access, and had serious GUI shortcomings. In addition, it was based on Microsoft Access application and therefore was limited in distribution. The basic requirement was to implement modifications and considerably improve the information management software while keeping the existing data structure.


The new solution was designed to collect and manage the incoming information about phone calls, vehicles, driver licenses, addresses, citations, written warnings, etc. Its numerous features include many-sided information database management: event-related linking to relevant suspects, initiators, evidences, charges, and other specific information; powerful search within the resource and report generation and management. The system includes the following parts for different user groups:

  • Administrator’s part provides account and service information management;
  • Communicators’ part provides information, events, contacts, and related data management;
  • Officers’ part provides report creation and validation, as well as evidence management.

The solution also supports access control and roles management: only authorized users granted with specific rights are allowed to create or delete some information.

Functional Features

This police information management software covers the utmost of the police department’s workflows:

  • Information collection by different groups of records: contacts, vehicles, addresses, events, driver licenses, citations, written reports, evidences, etc.
  • Search through the entire list by field constraints and different information items linking;
  • Evidence management to register, add, and delete information;
  • Roles management (available for the administrator);
  • Events management (available for communicators);
  • Contacts, Businesses, Written Reports management (available for officers);
  • Powerful reporting functionality: reports generation for the selected object/event; the reporting process automation (drafts writing, committing, approving/rejecting) forms and reports templates;
  • Multi-user simultaneous access

Development Process

The ultimate goal of the information management software was to store all incoming information, as well as to provide capabilities for searching relevant data. The database server enables saving data in a unified format. Different user groups can access data through an easy-to-use and customizable Outlook-like GUI.

Based on substantial experience in enterprise information management along with web app development, we carried out deep technical analysis and created a proposal fully complying with all the Customer’s requirements. To create a powerful and convenient system within a very short period of time, we used complete .NET frameworks and third-party components.


The Customer was satisfied with the ongoing project and intends to distribute the ready solution among other police departments.

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