Media Asset Management Software for a UK Media Company

  • Custom iOS application for managing media libraries
  • Built-in barcode scanner
  • Social features for users to share updates across popular social networks
  • Automated data back up and update
Social Networking
Content & Document Management

Iflexion delivered a custom mobile application that helps users manage their home media libraries and exchange media assets.

  • iOS
  • Cocoa Touch
  • Facebook API
  • Twitter API


Our Customer is a UK-based media company that specializes in video and photography created with vintage film cameras. To broaden their services, the Customer wanted to launch specialized media asset management software that would enable its users to organize and manage personal video collections, as well as share them with the community.

The Customer turned to Iflexion for custom iOS app development to get a solution that would provide the needed functionality. Moreover, the app had to support basic social networking features to connect users and let them share their collections. To enable that, the app had to support 2 key capabilities:

  • Storing detailed descriptions of DVDs and BDs in the user’s collection
  • Allowing the user to share wishlists on Facebook and Twitter


Iflexion designed and developed a custom iOS application to enable users to organize, track, and share their personal video collections. To bring the solution to life, Iflexion got engaged in the project split into two parts:

  • Custom iOS app development 
  • Backend development (a web service with records storage)

The developed solution provides the following functionality:

  • Video catalog
  • Video rating
  • Collection back up
  • Barcode scanning
  • Wishlist
  • Collection sharing via Facebook and Twitter

Media asset management features

Users can store their TV shows and films recorded on DVD or Blu-ray and sort them out by genre, directors, and actors. All data is automatically synchronized with the remote application server, which enables users to turn back to their collection on different devices. Thus, when users switch to another iPhone, they can access their full video collections owing to the enabled back up feature.

Additionally, users can rate each film or TV show according to their personal impressions. This allows users to identify, find and track favorite videos in their collections and always have them at their fingertips.

Barcode scanner 

Iflexion embedded a barcode scanner into the application. The scanner allows users to learn video details by scanning a barcode on a DVD package with their device’s camera. The app requests the searched data from remote servers and displays the full video information (short description, production details, actors, rating, and more) on the device screen.


The app also provides users with the capability to make up a list of upcoming videos they want to watch. Once a film or a TV show episode is released, the app sends an automatic notification to the user. Thus, users don’t need to keep an eye on the video release dates delegating this task to the application.

Facebook and Twitter API integration

Integrated with Facebook and Twitter, the app enables users to share their wish lists and information about their favorite films with their friends and subscribers. Social network posts can be generated automatically every time a user wants to share a video or notify other community members about a film or TV show they are planning to watch.

Technology Highlights

  • Iflexion’s team used Cocoa Touch framework to design a user interface compliant with iOS design standards.
  • The team used JSON protocol to ensure the application’s rapid and stable performance and server interactions.
  • Iflexion’s iOS developers chose Scandit SDK to enable correct barcode scanning and data retrieval. The SDK allows for scanning all types of barcodes and loading the information to the local storage or a remote database.
  • The developers leveraged Facebook and Twitter APIs to ensure easy information sharing on social networks.


Iflexion delivered media asset management software to address the Customer’s need for extending their services and attracting new customers. The custom iOS app now helps thousands of users organize their personal film and TV show collections with their mobile devices. Users don’t need to keep in mind all videos they like and want to watch. The application helps them to manage their favorite videos, update video lists, sort them according to their preferences, and share them on social networks at any time. 



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