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  • Automated dating partner matching
  • Advanced location-range search feature
  • Facebook and Twitter integration
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An innovative US-based IT company hires Iflexion to develop an intelligent mobile application that would provide fine communications functionality and consistent user experience.



The question of finding a perfect life partner is very popular among people around the globe. It includes a number of variables, from a person’s personal views on certain subjects to their current mood. In order to offer people an opportunity of easy search for a friend or a date, our Customer, a US-based IT agency, decided to create a solution with matching options. The business idea behind the application was to monetize on the additional offerings the users might choose to use.

Iflexion was chosen as a trusted iOS app development vendor to deliver the project due to the expertise in providing high quality mobile solutions for social networking. 


One of the most important tasks for Iflexion’s social networking app development team was to develop and implement a highly intelligent automated search engine for this social networking application. Such functionality makes it possible for the users to find the most suitable matches according to the criteria they provide, including specific location. A cutting-edge technology for extracting the refreshed data from the server part with JSON protocol was implemented by our team to deliver this feature.

The application boasts the feature of location-dependent search options by means of which the users can find matches near them or in a certain place. We integrated Google location API to connect the search and a specific area and update the search results as the location changes.

Undoubtedly, the social networking application must have rich communication features. One of the core functionality required by the Customer was chatting. Iflexion designed a user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes the communication and networking easy. Smileys support makes the app even more attractive for the end users.

Bearing in mind the popularity of such social media platforms as Facebook and Twitter, we added the login API for them to make the solution easier to use.

The users can also post to their Facebook walls and send tweets via the application. Our dedicated GUI design specialists developed an outstanding highly intuitive graphic user interface to enhance the overall end user experience. To make sure the solution has a compelling and easy-to-understand UI, they customized elements from the Cocoa Touch and UIKit frameworks.


After Iflexion’s social networking app development duties were over, the application was enthusiastically received by the users as an attractive and intelligent solution for finding friends and dating partners. The solution provides iPhone owners with automatic search for other users of this dating network application according to the previously entered criteria, and the system notifies them if someone who matches their criteria is found nearby.


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