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One of the largest brand building consultancies in the US hires Iflexion to design and develop brand management software with rich sentiment analysis and data visualization capabilities.



Our Customer is one of the leading brand building consultancies. The Customer needed a software system for brand management that would helps their clients create a positive image on the web.


As customers’ opinions are the core of brand perception, to develop effective brand management software means to create a powerful business intelligence system with vast data analysis capabilities and a special focus on sentiment analysis – gathering and analyzing customer feedback.

In order to ensure the system’s maximum efficiency, it should be enriched with robust visualization tools. Properly customized dashboards and charts help employees see the trends immediately and make decisions faster and with more confidence.

One more challenge is to integrate multiple modules and third-party systems into a single complex analytical solution ensuring its seamless operation and excellent user experience.


There were no software solutions on the market capable of capturing and analyzing brand mentions as well as find and solve issues. Our Customer works with large market players that sell different products to different clients which is why they needed a specific powerful solution that would be based on their unique business expertise. It was also important for the solution to be quick and easy to use to exclude any time delays and cut the efforts spent on brand management tasks to make it more efficient.

Iflexion team was tasked with building a secure BI brand management software that would unite online data gathering tools, third-party software modules and the internal data processing center. The portal gathers brand mentions from blogs, news, and social media; finds positive and negative mentions; maps the statistics from internal sources with online data; ensures correct data analysis; and provides options of data presentation.

The BI portal developed by Iflexion contains 4 main solutions:

  • A unified BI storage with processing kernel
  • Application integration & ETL solution to attach to the directly available and third-party software data to the processing kernel
  • Report designer to allow analysts to compose custom queries
  • Presentation layer visualizing dynamic data and instance relationships

How the solution works

  1. The system’s data gathering module collects data from various online and offline sources, including social networks, forums, print news and broadcasting. Besides, the system is integrated with a third-party data gathering tool (Google Analytics), which is another source of valuable information. Additional data is collected via manual upload of CSV files.
  2. Data is cleansed and normalized to become ready for processing.
  3. The data processing module applies statistical analysis to extract valuable insights from the data.
  4. The insights are presented in the form of convenient visualizations.


To ensure correct analysis of data from various sources, several third-party solutions had to work together. The Iflexion’s team integrated the BI system with Google Analytics and Google Trends via Google API.

To overcome the issue of poorly interoperable software gathering data from offline sources, the team engineered XML parsing mechanism to load the data from external systems and return it as a part of web content.

A large part of the information was available in CSV files only. Iflexion’s team developed a connector that automatically extracts and transfers the CSV data to the BI system.


Iflexion delivered a robust business intelligence system for brand management. The solution ensures deep sentiment analysis and provides valuable insights thanks to rich visualization features such as custom dashboards and charts. A smooth integration of internal and external modules ensures the system's clockwork operation.



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