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One of the largest US-based brand building consultancies hires Iflexion to design a brand-new, cutting edge software solution to ensure quick and easy brand analysis and management for their clients.



As it is important for any customer serving business, companies have long struggled with continuous investment in research and management of positive feedback from their clients. Having accumulated a lot of industry-specific business experience, our customer, one of the leading brand management consultancies, decided to trust a web development company with a challenging task of creating smart brand mentions analyzing software.


There were no software solutions on the market capable of capturing and analyzing brand mentions as well as find and solve issues. Our Customer works with large market players that sell different products to different clients which is why they needed a specific powerful solution that would be based on their unique business expertise. It was also important for the solution to be quick and easy to use to exclude any time delays and cut the efforts spent on brand management tasks to make it more efficient.

Iflexion team was tasked with building a secure BI brand management software that would unite online data gathering tools, third-party software modules and the internal data processing center. The portal gathers brand mentions from blogs, news, and social media; finds positive and negative mentions; maps the statistics from internal sources with online data; ensures correct data analysis; and provides options of data presentation.

The BI portal developed by Iflexion contains 4 main solutions:

  • A unified BI storage with processing kernel
  • Application integration & ETL solution to attach to the directly available and third-party software data to the processing kernel
  • Report designer to allow analysts to compose custom queries
  • Presentation layer visualizing dynamic data and instance relationships

The major project task was to ensure this brand management software enables correct analysis of data transported to it from various sources. Several third party solutions had to work together and Iflexion’s aim was to provide their successful integration.

The two existing web tools for gathering information throughout the web have been seamlessly connected to the BI portal via API integration. In addition, Iflexion integrated Google API thus enabling the monitoring of Google Analytics stats and Google Insights trends.

To overcome the issue of poorly interoperable software gathering data from offline sources, we engineered XML parsing mechanism to load the data from external system and return it as a part of web content.

There was also a large part of information available in CSV files only. Iflexion team made this data an integral part of the BI portal by developing a connector to file repository that automatically extracts and transfers the data to the system.


Iflexion team has performed the tasks of analyzing the Customer’s requirements and working out the way of risk mitigation and smooth knowledge transfer from the very beginning of the project. Our team was integrated in the Customer’s internal business processes allowing for reducing TCO and keeping the project under control. As of today, we provide improvement to the brand management software, including development of new modules as well as maintenance and support. The developed software solution has become one of the main business instruments for the Customer adding the valuable services to the stack they provide their clients with. Moreover, the tool appears to be extremely useful for the Customer, as it helps to identify weak points in his own business processes and to make appropriate improvements and investment decisions.


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