Information Management Software for a U.S. Police Department

  • Centralized information management, including data collection, categorization, linking, filtering and search
  • Functional upgrade of the legacy solution to cover wider information management processes
  • Data migration to improve the solution’s performance
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Iflexion developed a custom information management solution for a local police department to replace their legacy software.

  • C Sharp
  • Microsoft Entity Framework
  • Microsoft SQL
  • MySQL


The Customer is one of the U.S. police departments. The organization supports state and local law enforcement, maintains criminal record and identification systems, and provides general police services such as highway and traffic enforcement, statewide investigation, intelligence, and emergency management.


The Customer requested to develop a C3IS solution—a Command, Control, Communications, and Investigations System. The new solution had to replace the outdated Police Evidence Management System used by the state police department at the time. The legacy system didn’t provide necessary information management features, lacked personalized access, and had serious UI shortcomings. In addition, the system faced performance issues when many employees used it simultaneously.

Considering the current state of the solution, the Customer planned to rework it and implement missing features, while keeping the existing data structure.


Iflexion designed the new information management software to collect and manage the incoming information about phone calls, vehicles, driver licenses, addresses, citations, written warnings, etc. The system now offers dedicated features that allow police officers to link registered events with suspects, criminals, charges, pieces of evidence, and other specific information contained in the system databases. It also comes with a powerful search, as well as offers report generation and management functionality.

The system includes the following areas for different user groups:

  • Administrator area provides account and service information management features.
  • Communicator part allows users to manage various types of data, events, and contacts.
  • Officer part enables users to create and validate reports, as well as benefit from the evidence management functionality.

The system supports role-based access control: only authorized users granted with specific rights can add or remove content from the system.

This information management solution covers the essential workflows of the police department and brings automation to a number of daily processes that employees used to manage manually. The solution’s key functionality can be divided into the following feature sets:

  • Information collection. Employees can store and manage a variety of records: contacts, vehicles, addresses, events, driver licenses, citations, written reports, evidence, etc.
  • Search. Users can search for the needed data by keywords across the entire system, as well as use filtering options to narrow down the search area within particular data fields.
  • Evidence management. Users can register, add, and remove irrelevant or outdated information, as well as find correlations between scattered evidence or evidence and suspects.
  • Roles management. The system administrators can distribute user roles among employees, thus defining what actions they will be able to fulfill.
  • Events management. Available for communicators, this functionality allows for registering and managing a wide range of events (accident, thefts, violations, etc.).
  • Reporting. The solution enables users to generate reports based on the pre-selected data sets. Users can also launch automated workflows that cover such actions as creating report drafts, submitting a report for the approval, rejecting or accepting a report and more.

The new solution also allowed solving the performance problem that was identified before the project started. Iflexion migrated the system’s databased from Microsoft Access to MySQL, which ensured the solution’s smooth operation even when dozens of employees work with data simultaneously.


Based on their previous experience in enterprise information management along with web app development, Iflexion reworked the existing information management software according to the Customer’s requirements. To create a powerful and convenient system, our .NET team used both popular .NET frameworks and third-party components.

The implemented system enabled police officers to hit several important goals:

  • Putting all police information in a centralized system.
  • Speeding up information management processes substantially through automated workflows.
  • Enhancing data quality by unifying the approach to data submission, storage, and management.
  • Implementing a clear-cur user hierarchy with defined roles and enabled activities.
  • Improving the overall department’s performance owing to the built-in information linking mechanisms that allow police officers to find correlations between scattered items.

Having successfully tested the solution within a selected police department, the Customer went on with distributing the system among other police departments.


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