Information Management Software for a US Police Department

  • A web-based app enabling collaborative information management
  • End-to-end automation of data management workflows
  • A system of user roles and permissions for better data protection



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Iflexion redesigned the police department’s C3I system, helping improve data management and collaboration practices for more than 3,000 employees.

  • C#
  • MySQL


The customer is one of the largest municipal police departments in the USA with a headcount of more than 3,000. The department enforces state and local laws, maintains criminal records, and supports state-wide investigation and emergency management. 

The customer turned to Iflexion’s web application developers to replace their legacy police evidence management system with a new Command, Control, Communications and Investigation (C3I) solution. This was required for the police department to improve their internal information management, fix user experience and performance issues of their legacy software, and ensure advanced data protection through a system of user access permissions.

Iflexion’s team was tasked with redesigning the web portal and moving it to a new technological platform while preserving the police department’s established data structure and assets.


The new information management software designed by our team is a web-based solution with collaborative access for the police department employees. Through it, the users can manage incoming and outbound information generated from multiple sources, such as phone calls, personal evidence, police reports, issued warnings, etc. The system also serves as a database of vehicle registrations, driver licenses, contacts, addresses, and other records.

The C3I system supports the following user roles, with each having a limited set of rights to ensure strict security and user authorization control: 

  • Admins, who are super-users managing other users’ roles, permissions and accounts, with access to a dedicated admin area aggregating these features.
  • Officers, who are the sworn employees with the rights to create and authorize police reports as well as to access the complete range of features for evidence management.
  • Communicators, who are the civilian (administrative) employees managing police data records, events, and contact databases.  

This information management solution automates the police department’s key workflows pertaining to day-to-day operations that had been managed manually before. There are the following sets of features: 

  • Records management: authorized users can create, edit, share, print out and delete a variety of records stored in the system database, including contacts, events, citations, reports, evidence, etc.
  • Event management: communicators can register and manage all types of events, such as accidents, violations, crimes, and more.
  • Evidence management: officers can register and add new evidence or remove outdated information. They can also link registered events to suspects and existing evidence, find correlations between the database records, look up charges and other types of event-related information. 
  • Reporting: users can select particular datasets to work with and generate reports based on them. The reporting functionality covers automated workflows for report templates, submission for approval, and rejection/approval.
  • Search: the system supports advanced data filtering and metadata to allow users search through the entire breadth of records by keywords and attributes.
  • Role management: accessible to admins only, this set of features allows them to assign user roles and stipulate their permitted actions within the C3I system.


Iflexion’s web app development team reworked the customer’s legacy system using the Microsoft ASP.NET framework, libraries, and integrated third-party components. This move allowed for ensuring the system scalability, flexibility and resilience to high load, considering the large number of users working in the C3I solution concurrently.

The performance issues of the legacy solution were fixed by moving the database from Microsoft Access to MySQL, which also contributed to the information management software’s reliable operation regardless of the number of simultaneous users.


In half a year, Iflexion’s team of web engineers completely revamped the US police department’s information management system and released it to the users’ acclaim. The new system achieved several critical goals:

  • It unified the police department’s disparate records and enabled easy and effective system-wide search.
  • It automated essential information management workflows, speeding them up considerably and streamlining collaboration.
  • It ensured data consistency and standardization through a range of pre-determined record management dashboards.
  • It facilitated the process of finding correlations between events, suspects, and evidence, scattered across different records collections.
  • It raised the data security standards within the police department through a well-defined system of user permissions and hierarchy.


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