Incentive Program Management Software for a Global Ophthalmic Corporation

  • Intuitive setup of incentive programs for eye care professionals (ECPs)
  • Automated algorithm-based calculation of earned bonus points
  • Sales performance analytics and reports
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The solution developed by Iflexion automates incentive program management and provides extra visibility into sales associates’ performance and earned bonuses.



Our customer is one of the world’s leading ophthalmic optics manufacturers with a 150-year history and more than 5,000 patents to their name. In addition to their factories and R&D labs, the corporation also runs a global network of eye care professionals (ECPs) who also pose as their sales associates. To maximize their reach and incentivize affiliated ECPs to promote the manufacturer’s products among end clients, the company was running multiple promotion campaigns, rewarding ECPs according to their performance.

To manage these workflows automatically and get an advanced visibility into ECPs’ sales metrics and earned rewards, the company was looking to build their new incentive program management software. The solution was to enable marketing campaign setup and management, sales analytics by each affiliated ECP, and reporting tools. Recognizing our proficiency in web application development, the manufacturer commissioned Iflexion to create it.


At the initial stage, the customer lacked exact project requirements, so we engaged one of our business analysts to elicit them and draw up technical and functional specifications, including the workaround for complex API integration with the customer’s other sales management systems.

Following these specifications, Iflexion’s Python developers delivered a comprehensive web-based system. It consists of an admin panel for the company’s incentive program managers and a user-facing module accessible to ECPs willing to participate in the listed programs and earn points for successfully generated sales.

The core functionality is broken down in four distinct areas:

  • Incentive program setup and management. The admins can easily set up a new incentive program by filling in the program title, enrollment start and end dates, terms and conditions, marketing materials, etc. They can also edit the information collaboratively, with all participants receiving respective automatic notifications.
  • ECP registration and sales tracking. ECPs can create their professional accounts in the application, browse active incentive programs, and enroll in their selected ones. The program managers can access the list of all enrolled ECPs and filter them by various search criteria, including location and status.
  • Sales analytics and reports. The incentive program management software accumulates data on the enrolled ECPs’ sales in real time, which can then be analyzed by the company’s admins and executives. Exportable as CSV files, sales reports contain metrics on the program success over a specified period of time and allow gaining insights into their optimization.
  • Automated calculation of ECPs’ bonus points. As the participating ECPs’ generate sales, those are registered in the system and then get automatically translated into the ECPs’ bonus points earned for distributing the company’s products. For this, we implemented a custom bonus calculation algorithm depending on the type and quantity of sold products. ECPs can also track the history of their sales and associated bonuses earned, as well as export this data as CVS or PDF files.

Iflexion’s team collaborated with the customer on the fixed-price basis, delivering the software incrementally in two-week sprints. In this fast-paced collaborative environment, it took us just two months to deliver a fully functional incentive program management solution and integrate it into the customer’s digital infrastructure seamlessly.


Our team developed the solution with Django, a Python web framework, following the three-component MVC pattern.

To support the new incentive program management software, we built a mid-tier database with PostgreSQL, which stores and processes several thousands of records daily. Additionally, there are approximately 10,000 entries coming into the system weekly via the API from other connected sales management tools.


In just two months, Iflexion’s team of Python developers and a business analyst conceptualized and delivered a web application for managing the ophthalmic optics manufacturer’s incentive programs and rewarding affiliated ECPs for their performance.

The new application greatly facilitated incentive program setup for managers, which now requires no technical knowledge and can be done intuitively. Additionally, the company improved visibility into bonus point generation, thus attracting new affiliates with the simplicity and user-friendliness of the solution.


It’s simple!

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