Iflexion Helps Expedia Invigorate Partner Network

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The travel services giant turned to Iflexion with a request to renovate their international Affiliate Network with 10000 partners in order to stay ahead of competition and further advance the network’s revenue generation.



Our Customer, Expedia, Inc., is a world’s leading online travel management corporation that boasts a vast brand portfolio naming some widely recognized online travel companies. 

The company tackles any issues associated with travelling: choosing transportation seats, accommodation management, time planning, renting a place, etc., catering to all the client’s needs.

Expedia provides a unified online booking software to the world’s most well-known names in the traveling industry. More than 10000 partners across different countries work through its Affiliate Network. Yet the technical aspects of the Network solution did not comply with the requirements of user experience and performance. This stood in the way of newcomers on the market as they needed a competitive advantage that the platform did not provide. Thus our Customer made a decision to move onto a new, more powerful platform and, with this in mind, started collaboration with Iflexion to renovate and enhance their solution to reclaim its market leadership and grow the network profit.


As far as the solution functionality is concerned, the application can be divided into 2 parts:

  • Customizable control panel for partners
  • Consistent front end part for consumers

Development Process

The development process was quite complex as the Customer planned to update and enhance not only their Affiliate Network, but all of their main products. The process of online booking software renovation was elaborated into a single program performed by various teams in different countries, which demanded a lot of complicated management arrangements. All the solutions were designed to be a part of one broad information product family, and a lot of them had technical issues that required tackling. Bearing this in mind, Iflexion's web application developers had to find workarounds for the following bottlenecks:

  • Collaboration with geographically dispersed specialists
  • Project progress hampered by legacy code issues
  • Necessity to come up with elaborated process of change management due to project scope constantly changing

Iflexion team successfully tackled all the challenges and organized the process in the most efficient way.


The solution is built on YUI 2.0JavaScript library.

The presentational layer is based on HTML, CSS, JavaScript technologies and boasts well-thought-out design and a user-friendly interface while complying with the world’s best practices as well. The templates for the application are simply localizable in 33 languages.

All in all, the solution comprises a powerful platform with customizable branding features that unites separate web applications.


The Customer is fully satisfied with the accomplishments of Iflexion team who have developed and implemented a brand-new solution template in less than a year. Moreover, the project is currently supported by Iflexion maintenance specialists.

The main accomplishments of the project include:

  • Enhanced, easy-to-use online booking software for various products
  • Faster page loading
  • Improved design features for partners
  • Better user experience for consumers
  • Higher performance and scalability indices


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