Financial Data Analysis & News Portal

  • Complex business logic including financial data gathering, analysis and visualization
  • Dynamic user interface allowing for flexible customization of users’ workspaces
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Extending its presence on the global market, our Customer was planning to run a specific financial information service that would provide bankers, traders, brokers, vendors and others concerned parties with comprehensive up-to-date data on the sovereign, supranational and agency bond markets.



A UK-based international publishing group delivering business information to the finance, law, energy and transport sectors for over 35 years needed web portal development with robust financial data analysis tools and highly interactive user interface.


The solution is a web application that provides full financial data analysis and results visualization. The subscribers get access to a vast database of diagrams, maps, and images.

Integration with the Customer’s CMS

The Customer’s content management system handles data on 160+ million organizations and is used by the app as a reliable source of content liable to the ongoing analysis.

Financial Data Import from the CMS

The application is designed to import financial data that had been pre-analyzed by the editors and presented in a table form. Though the reports are rendered in a number of formats, they can be converted in the required one by the app.

Appealing Visualization of the Imported Data

The solution’s workflow comprises data rendering, analysis and visualization. Our team implemented a variety of forms for data presentation, including different types of diagrams (SSA borrower data, deal histories and credit rating changes, national debt timeline), the world maps with color-differentiated data etc.

Scalable Database

Providing not just enterprise-level, but also national and global market data, the solution deals with thousands millions of records on market actors’ activity. Moreover, fast-changing figures are daily updated.

Optimal User Interface

Though the product’s design was created by the Customer’s in-house team, Iflexion was to provide the app’s high usability and splendid user experience. The implemented features include clickable maps (clicking on a country on the world’s map, a user receives its market summary), data blocks which expand in popping up boxes, intuitive elements for zooming in/out, consistent operational panel and others.

Customizable Workspace

Once subscribed, end users are enabled to create individual data sheets, arranging all the necessary data blocks on one screen. To customize the page, one can add or delete data boxes, manage page room by moving and resizing the boxes, as well as filter out the information inside them. The drag & drop feature made workspace configuration highly intuitive.


The application was developed with the use of ASP.NET framework and MVC architectural pattern, while the business logic was implemented leveraging C# language.

Iflexion team provided for seamless integration of the solution with the CMS using ADO.NET and NHibernate technologies.

The charting capabilities for data visualization are implemented using MS Chart library.

Iflexion developed a data storage based on MS SQL Server that can keep large data amounts.

Having employed jQuery library, we developed a very interactive UI, flexible enough to evolve with end users’ needs and solve a plethora of use cases.


The financial data analysis and news portal developed by Iflexion provide people involved in financial environment with an opportunity to receive well-organized and visualized summary of the micro- and macro-level market. The solution has complex business logic allowing for importing, analyzing and visualizing the content from the Customer’s CMS, and rich user interface enabling to create own data canvas. Our team successfully developed the project within the predefined requirements, meeting all the Customer’s expectations.


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