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  • Redesign and functional enhancement of a powerful education management system
  • Improved usability, security and scalability
  • Advanced data analysis, reporting and visualization
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Iflexion delivered an innovative educational system providing centralized school and student management services for the whole Nigeria Lagos state, including rich analytical and reporting, digital imaging processing, content management and other features.

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The aim of this eLearning software development project was to redesign the existing web-based school management system for Nigeria Lagos state and upgrade it with a set of new functions. The legacy web-application did not cover student and school management workflows, was not flexible in adjusting to existing requirements, and had a number of crucial defects preventing users from correct work process. The most challenging part of the project was creation of an adjustable system that would easily adopt system environmental changes. Other important aspects were usability, scalability and security of the system.


Iflexion .NET developers built a new web-based system for state public and private use. A list of possible registered users consisted of primary and secondary school managers, governmental and independent authorities.

This innovative education management tool has become a part of state educational system. Its large database contains detailed school information and cover different aspects of educational activities (including examination, assessment process, student promotions, transfers, placements, admissions, disciplinary issues, photos and fingerprints, etc.) starting from 2005/2006 academic year.

The system provides centralized school and student management services for the whole Lagos state, various statistics and reporting tools. Additionally, it performs digital imaging processing (photos and fingerprints) for students and school staff. The developed school management application automates a number of manual workflows helping in significant reduction of operational management costs.

LASGEMS (Lagos State Government Educational Management System) consists of the following parts:

  • public site part is available to all internet users, it contains information about LASGEMS, news, upcoming events, photo galleries etc.
  • private site part is an area with password-protected role-based access to manage schools and students.
  • desktop application for taking photos of students and school staff by special Digital Imaging officers travelling between different institutions.
Education management system developed by Iflexion

System HighLights

  • School management – allows managing school details and activities.
  • Student management - allows managing various academic and administrative student records.
  • User and system administration – the system is very flexible and customizable. It is possible to configure workflows of approval processes, permissions, roles, users’ access etc. Reporting– the system introduces a set of reports presenting the data using different visual aids.
  • Digital imaging management – allows performing digital imaging proces- (process and store students and school staff photos and finger prints).
  • Payments balance tracking – the system allows tracking accounts payable and receivable.
  • History tracking – stores and displays information about any changes made (who, when and why has made the changes).
  • Security – is based on password-protected, role-based system access. A number of system actions require approval from higher-level users, only after that record is verified and becomes available to other user.
  • High scalability – thousands of school users work simultaneously managing details of more than 2 million students of the entire state.

Development Process

The eLearning software development started with an analysis phase followed by requirements and specification document preparation that was later on approved by the Customer. One of the recommendations was to involve testing specialists from the very beginning of the project to ensure excellent product quality. Iflexion project team consisted of four developers, one project manager, one business analyst and one test engineer.

The project was split into several deliverables. Each intermediate application version was used by the Customer for collecting end users’ feedbacks and updating project requirements based on these feedbacks. With each iteration Iflexion specialists performed detailed analysis new requirements and proposed possible implementation options for them.

The final version of the application was presented to the Customer in London. Also, a set of training sessions for end-users and administrators took place. The delivery package was supported with all the necessary system documentation and administrators’ guides.

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