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  • Advanced content-heavy mobile applications for an online publishing corporation
  • Support for iOS and Android platforms
  • Real time media streaming
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An outstanding publishing corporation approached Iflexion for the full-cycle development of independent mobile apps, to provide its readers with the latest financial news, articles, reports and statistics of the world market on the go.

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PhP


Our Customer is an outstanding international holding company incorporating various publishers that offer innovative ideas and insights into finance, health, travel and other industries. Publishing a wide range of content, from best-selling books to award-winning feature documentaries, and having 1+ million subscribers, the company and its affiliates are concerned that the content seamlessly reaches all their readers.

With the spread of mobile technologies, the Customer started looking for ways of expanding the reach of the published content by making it available for subscribers on the go. He required a qualified technology partner that would deliver two robust mobile applications supporting the most popular mobile platforms.

In a succession of the Customer’s mobile development projects, Iflexion had already proved to be a reliable software development company with established mature processes and solid development knowledge and experience. So, the company engaged us for the full cycle financial app development to deliver their branded mobile outlet for financial news.


Applying solid experience of mobile development, Iflexion’s team delivered two mobile applications integrated with the parent web site and enabling subscribers to keep up with the latest articles published by the Customer’s affiliate companies. Available both for iOS and Android users, the solutions are dynamic enough to support text, audio and video content updates in the real time.

To make the applications intuitive and easily navigable, our team designed user interfaces in compliance with the universal iOS and Android guidelines. 

The applications provide end users with actual financial information, from commodities to real estate, markets, economy, interest rates, entitlements and everything else.

The first mobile application enables subscribers to:

  • Access the latest featured articles, reports and statistics published and browse through the earlier ones archived.
  • Receive push notifications each time new information is published. The same goes for videos and reports.
  • View current financial portfolio, including stock market statistics, and earnings updates.
  • Watch webinars and videos, listen to audio issues, all powered by the implemented media streaming.

The second mobile application - developed for another company’s affiliate - comprises analogous capabilities with a slight difference. Designed to provide only static content, it is deprived of streaming features, but endowed with an off line mode. Users can download the content published for the last 6 months and read the articles off-line.

Development Process

To cut down on possible efforts and minimize expenses, the Customer requested full-scale financial app development. Our team carried out all project works, including:

  • Requirements gathering, analysis and systematization. Qualified business analysts examined the business objectives and the existing web site of the company, assessed the time and efforts required and proposed the most efficient collaboration scheme. We also defined the project scope, communication strategies, the relevant development methodology and processes.
  • System design. Before the development start, Iflexion made up the systems’ architecture, prepared detailed mockups for the mobile applications, confirming them with the Customer thereafter.
  • Development. When the documentation was ready and all questionable issues clarified, we set down to the technological realization of the project. On the development stage, we faced a number of challenges connected with the Wordpress database update on the Customer’s side, absence of access to the private published content, out-of-date PHP source code and others. Our team maintained non-stop communication with the Customer that allowed to react dynamically on every change of business requirements, and re-organize the development process accordingly.
  • Testing and quality assurance. A qualified QA team ensured information security, performance excellence and functional accuracy of the applications. When the solutions were developed, they underwent manual functionality testing with cross-device coverage, to make sure they perform accurately under different mobile platforms.
  • Maintenance and Support. Application 1 was successfully deployed to production and is currently supported by Iflexion’s specialists, who handle any emerging functionality issues and make necessary configurations. Application 2 is still beta-tested and will go to support and maintenance as soon as it comes out to life.


The Customer highly appreciated the Iflexion’s contribution on every development stage. Our financial app development team provided not only high-quality analytical, designing, development, QA and support services, but also state-of-the-art and dynamic mobile products that opened new horizons for growth and prosperity of the corporation.



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