Construction Software Development for Defect Inspection Field Workers

  • An iPad app extending collaboration and document management functionality to mobile devices
  • A .NET based server handling data synchronization across devices
  • Integration with Exchange Server
Collaboration Solutions

DMS solutions provider approached Iflexion to enhance their award-winning DMS offering for construction companies with defect management and document review capabilities via mobile devices.



Our Customer is a market leading supplier of enterprise-class engineering document management and control software. The company carries on outsourcing their development efforts to Iflexion throughout its long history of mergers and acquisitions ever since 2004.

To further enhance their award-winning engineering DMS offering for construction companies, the Customer pursued to provide engineers and inspectors working on construction sites with remote access to defect management capabilities using mobile devices. Iflexion was engaged to handle end-to-end construction software development. 


The solution enables defects recording during inspection of buildings and plants whilst onsite, with subsequent management of the defect correction process:

  • The mobile client is installed at iPad devices and provides site inspectors and engineers responsible for defect correction with offline-enabled collaborative document management and reporting functionality.
  • The server-side Collaboration Store handles large amounts of data synchronized across the mobile devices, enabling offline operations. 


A company administrator grants access to application users and assigns different project roles and permissions: project creator, project viewers, action creators, actionees and comment consolidator.

The solution provides for the following user roles:

  • Site inspectors: mark detected defects on the plan schemes and assign the engineers responsible for their elimination, verify the results.
  • Engineers: accept assignments, fix real-life objects according to the Marks made on the project schemes, report on the work done.

Functionality Highlights

  • creating projects with plan schemes, adding marks with names, comments and attached photos to these schemes;
  • measuring distance between the elements on the scheme;
  • real-time status tracking of the assigned tasks;
  • viewing statistics on projects and specific documents;
  • data synchronization between all project participants.

Development Process

Business Analysis

The Customer had a clear-cut, though not documented, vision of the designated system. So our cooperation started with engagement of a business analyst who thoroughly analyzed the input from all stakeholders and drew up the functional vision document. Detailed business process description and UI mockups of the main user screens followed.

The technical architect worked on the architecture of the client and server sides, delivering a reliable ground for further development efforts. 


The construction software development activities were broken down into two components:

  • Mobile client: an iPad mobile application. To enable document viewing and collaboration on iPad devices, PdfTron WebViewer framework was utilized, the mobile app development was done with the help of  Xamarin. 
  • Collaboration Store Server: a RESTful server responsible for data synchronization across the mobile clients – built using .NET platform and integrated with Email Feeder – Exchange Server to allow for processing requests that are sent from clients: creating projects, sending notifications, adding documents and naming project users.

Upon solution implementation, maintenance and support phase followed.

QA and Testing

Iflexion was also fully responsible for quality assurance of the delivered solution. A QA team from Iflexion’s standalone quality assurance department performed:

  • functionality testing;
  • user interface testing;
  • compatibility testing: o iPad 2 Mini, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air o iOS 6, 7, 8;
  • localization testing of the French-language version.


An integral part of the Customer’s engineering document management products offering, the developed solution secures the following benefits:

  • extends IT infrastructure of engineering and construction companies;
  • enables access to the documents stored in a document management system using mobile devices;
  • expands collaboration model to a large number of document management systems;

Thanks to Iflexion’s professional approach to construction software development, the solution perfectly addresses the pressing demand for enterprise mobility, significantly augmenting enterprise content management and collaboration capabilities.


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