Custom LMS Development for Philips Dynalite

  • Fully-fledged custom LMS operating across offices all over the world
  • Diverse e-learning activities at employees’ fingertips
  • Better control over the learning process, easier knowledge and skill sharing among employees
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Iflexion helped Philips Dynalite develop and implement an internal learning management system based on a custom CMS to enable employees to perfect their professional knowledge and skills.

  • OpenCMS
  • Java


Philips Dynalite, a division of Philips, is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of lighting control and energy management systems providing energy-efficient lighting products and services around the globe. With over 30,000 employees and offices in more than 70 countries, Philips Dynalite keeps focusing on tech innovations to bring smart lightning solutions into homes, buildings, and public spaces.


Dedicated to ensuring high-quality customer service, the company pays a particular attention to the professional development of their sales and technical personnel. Unfortunately, the company didn’t have any centralized e-learning solution to organize a controllable educational process across numerous offices.

An eager adopter of practical and pragmatic approach to learning, Philips Dynalite turned to Iflexion to take up learning management system development. Experienced in e-learning development, Iflexion was to deliver a solution that would help the company digitize their learning programs and let the staff achieve required competency levels with less effort. The corporate LMS had to serve as an information and education area coupled with online examination and certification capabilities.


The delivered solution built a solid foundation for employees’ successful professional growth at Philips Dynalite. Upon registration, LMS users can perform various activities, including:

  • Attending webinars and watching video lectures regardless of users’ actual location and time zone. This allowed employees from different offices take the same education programs.
  • Taking several courses at a time. While participating in onsite training programs, employees weren’t able to attend several courses simultaneously. That’s why they often had to choose the most important course and wait for the missed training to be reiterated. With the new system, employees can control their training load themselves, take several classes, and never miss important learning events.
  • Managing learning materials. Registered users can download training materials to review them at any time. Employees can also upload and edit learning files, share and collaborate on them with their peers.
  • Managing learning activities. Users can navigate through the built-in calendar to discover available courses and align them with individual timetables. Additionally, users can apply filters to sort out available courses by subject and country and find the most suitable learning programs.
  • Taking exams. By completing a particular learning course, employees can take exams and check up their knowledge level. Exam results enable learning supervisors and line managers to see how well employees adopted new knowledge or skills and understand whether they are ready to perform new duties or they need additional training to enhance their results.
  • Getting learning certificates. Once employees complete a learning program successfully, they can get digital and printed certificates to prove their competences. The LMS also allows users to view their current certification status or discover required certification steps.
  • Staying tuned into corporate learning activities. The system also contains news, articles and events sections so that employees follow all enterprise-wide learning initiatives.

At the same time, the corporate LMS provides system administrators with the following capabilities:

  • Flexibly administering employees’ career paths and define learning programs, exams, certificates, and training schedules according to the selected path.
  • Adding new learning content to the system and notifying users about the updates.
  • Sending individual and group notifications on upcoming learning events.

Development Process

Following all the requirements for custom LMS development set by the Customer, Iflexion’s team came up with a highly scalable solution built on top of a robust custom-tailored CMS.

When Philips Dynalite recognized the need for a training portal, Iflexion’s team has already delivered a custom CMS and an internal portal on top of it for another division of Philips – Philips Pronto. It was decided to use the same open source technology, OpenCMS, for the current project as it enabled to re-use the existing CMS modules, thus, reducing the development effort substantially. Hands-on experience with OpenCMS enabled Iflexion’s experts to add new custom functionality to the LMS according to the Customer’s requirements.

Iflexion’s team used JavaServer Pages templates to ensure the portal’s uniform layout and to create interactive web forms and pages with WYSIWYG editor.

The system was designed in line with the corporate branding guidelines to keep the solution’s uniformity with Philips customer-facing website.


The implemented custom LMS operates successfully across Philips Dynalite offices all over the world. LMS development is what allowed the Customer to achieve several important goals:

  • Unifying learning programs and offering a consistent learning experience to numerous employees in distributed offices.
  • Enabling employees to control their learning process, select training courses in line with their working load and check their knowledge and skills through tests and exams.
  • Facilitating employees’ immersion into new professional domains and simplifying the average learning curve.
  • Contributing to easier knowledge and skill sharing among employees owing to the learning-centric collaboration in the corporate LMS.


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