Contract Management Portal for an Oil & Gas Enterprise

  • A one-stop solution to manage contracts and process service requests
  • Processing and mapping of big data contained in documents
  • Collaboration space for different departments to work together
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Developed by Iflexion document management solution helped the Customer reduce time and efforts spent on contracts processing and approval.



Our customer is one of the leading oil & gas enterprises developing over 2000 square kilometers of license areas.


Using a legacy system for proposal and contract processing, the Customer was faced with several difficulties:

  • the system only stored and processed data while it was necessary to work with documents as well
  • several departments should work together within one system, which resulted in strict rights division and new process creation

Since the existing system was difficult to change in accordance with the new requirements, the Customer decided to build a new one and entrusted the project to Iflexion.


Iflexion developed a contract management solution that helps manage and process contracts and supporting documentation during their whole lifecycle.

The contract form contains several tabs with tables for contract details:

  • General: general information, contractor name, budget
  • People: employees responsible for a contract
  • Department details: information on health, safety, security, and environment
  • Schedule: contract time frames and milestones
  • Documents

The system easily maps and processes big data contained in the documents.

In addition, developed solution works as a collaboration space for different departments allowing them work together and collaborate closely, upload and edit documents.

Development Process

Iflexion team was involved in business analysis and requirements gathering stage, solution development and testing.


Contract management solution developed by Iflexion helped the Customer meet all the existing needs. In particular, it allowed several departments work together with their own roles, as well as work with all the documents within the organization.

As the system was designed in accordance with the Customer’s needs and processes, it helped reduce time and efforts spent on document coordination and approval, as well as eliminate any contract delays.

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