Enterprise Application Development of an Oil Field eTicketing System

  • Advanced solution automating manual error-prone processes
  • Multiple validations for ensured data correctness and consistency
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eTicket is leveraged in day-to-day operations by all categories of the company’s 1 000 employees, from job supervisors and their subordinates working in the field to accountants, payroll personnel and senior managers.



Sturgeon Services International (SSI) is a full-service California oil field contractor providing construction and maintenance services since 1927.

With many service lines and approximately 1000 employees, the construction company was looking to revamp and revolutionize the ways they handled information provided by construction site workers and billing requests generation process. For these ends, SSI wanted innovative, comprehensive software package automating the core business processes.

Considering the size and complexity of the project, SSI was reluctant to develop the software by efforts of their in-house IT department. A bid meeting with a number of shortlisted web development companies was conducted instead to select a technology partner capable of delivering the robust software solution at a reasonable price and time to deliver.


The web-based solution was designed to eliminate multiple errors resulting from the human factor when collecting and submitting information on consumed resources, as well as establish 24-hour billing and speed up invoice processing between SSI and their clients. The system also had to be integrated with the platform recently purchased by SSI (Viewpoint) that stored all company’s information, as well as with the company’s payroll system.

The system supports the company’s core workflows that involve job supervisors and their subordinates, payroll personnel and managers:

  • Job tickets submission: a user-friendly web interface for supervisors to submit project specific information on personnel, equipment, materials/consumables used, performance metrics, etc.;
  • Ticket workflow support: as every ticket passes through a set of statuses and validations, the software facilitates the process and ensures data correctness and consistency;
  • Invoice generation: upon process automation, an invoice is generated at a click of the mouse (previously, invoices were created and calculated manually);
  • Report generation: providing managing staff with a list of statistics according to the customer business needs to improve business flows to optimize level of expenses.

Basic Workflows Automation

One of the core business processes of the company - job tickets processing - comprised manual entering of the information on the resources used with ongoing review, validation, job-costing and invoice creation.

All these tasks required a lot of time and human effort, but did not prevent the errors that negatively impacted the quality of submitted data, that is why a dedicated eTicket system was badly needed. As a result, the new enterprise application development drastically reduced the amount of resources required to support an effective ticket workflow:

  • Supervisors create web-based job tickets on a daily basis, mentioning all the resources used for a piece of work via an intuitive, user-friendly web interface.
  • Authorized reviewers (data checkers) review and validate the created electronic tickets using pre-defined validation business rules and algorithms.
  • After passing strict validations, the submitted data, now correct and consistent, is exported to the central repository of business data (Viewpoint) via Scheduler application.
  • The entered data then forms the basis of invoices for the SSI’s clients, which are generated by the solution without any human involvement.

Moreover, eTicket enables supervisors to run tasks either manually or automatically in accordance with the pre-defined schedule. The corresponding job tickets pass through a number of statuses (draft, under review, validated, imported etc.).

A filtering system implemented within the solution provides the ability to search job tickets by their unique number or status.

Report Generation

A web based dashboard, implemented by employing Crystal Reports application, enables managers to run utilization reports on personnel, equipment, etc., as well as view project specific performance metrics. The list of statistics, generated in accordance with the customer’s needs, helps to improve business flows and optimize the level of expenses.

Development Process

At the start of this enterprise application development project, we had to prove the ability to cope with complicated and effort-consuming tasks in a time- and cost-effective manner. Iflexion provided a qualified business-analyst who performed thorough examination of the requirements and fully met the set timeline. Having proved the ability to cope with tasks within pre-negotiated timeframes, Iflexion won the Customer’s loyalty at the initial project stage and established trust-based, durable relationship.

In the course of development Iflexion’s professional QA managers ensured high quality of the system and its compliance with the specification. The system underwent smoke, functionality, regression testing and defect validation.

Our team maintained seamless communication with SSI through email correspondence, daily online meetings and onsite business trips of eTicket team members, keeping the Customer up with the latest implementations and events.


The application is based on ASP.NET MVC technology, which uses Model View Controller (MVC) concept.

Along with the standard MVC, Model View ViewModel (MVVM) concept is introduced to make interactions with the application smoother and quicker for the user.

To create client view models and declaratively bind DOM elements with defined models, our enterprise application development team leveraged Knockoutjs. Windows service scheduler was designed to schedule tasks while Quartz framework allows configuring run time. We also employed Entity framework as an object-relational mapper between domain-specific objects and database storage.

To ensure fast response and high performance we implemented separated data storages to sort out data flows. eTicket SQL database is used to store eTicket and payroll information while the existing Customer’s Viewpoint database stores all business-related data.


Iflexion’s team carefully studied the Customer’s domain, including the related state regulations, and specific business processes to deliver a smart enterprise-level solution optimizing the core business workflows of a construction company. Automating data collection, invoice generation and report generation, the delivered system – eTicket –brought significant resource and cost savings and contributed to a more accurate and quicker enterprise data processing.

Iflexion’s team has become the SSI’s reliable technology partner. Currently, our team delivers maintenance and support services, expanding the system’s functionality and ensuring its smooth and reliable work.


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