Advanced Video Management Software for Sports Teams and Coaches

  • Extended video editing features
  • Seamless HD video streaming
  • Management of extra-large video files of various formats with no downtime
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Iflexion helps the Customer extend their cloud-hosted video and content management solution with custom video management features.

  • JavaScript
  • Entity Framework
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Amazon Web Services


Our Customer is a leading provider of software for the sports industry worldwide. The Customer developed a custom cloud-based video and content management solution. Empowering coaches, players, and staff to edit and manage game films and training videos, the solution contributes to sports teams’ professional growth and promotion among potential sponsors.

Seeking to attract a wider audience, the Customer requested Iflexion to extend the solution with additional video editing and management features.


Iflexion’s team was tasked with the full-cycle implementation of advanced video design features and their integration with the existing cloud solution. Designed for football, basketball, and volleyball players, as well as their coaches, the solution provides rich functionality for creating training videos, game analysis and game clips, recruiting videos, or even keepsakes.

Leveraging solid expertise in video management software development and cloud computing, Iflexion’s team selected FFmpeg open source libraries and Amazon Web Services to implement the following features.

Editing Videos and Creating Clips

End users can transform long and boring videos with games, practices, and training sessions into catching and engaging clips directly through the browser. This includes cutting clips, captioning videos, highlighting video elements with circles, arrows, lines, etc., adding music and many more.

The solution allows users to load large video files of multiple media formats, including avi, mp4, wmv, mpeg, mov, flv, m4v, mpg, mts, etc. It has a scalable repository to store source videos, which makes them available at any place of the world. Iflexion enabled the conversion of video files into different formats. Windows Service on a separate server was leveraged to implement high-load conversion without interrupting or slowing down the system’s performance.

Role-Based Video Management

Integrated with the source system, this video management software leverages the existing user accounts. End users can manage videos and folders through their personal profiles – either player profiles for individual players or position profiles used by the coaching staff for training and analysis.

To ensure seamless video file viewing and on-the-fly editing, Iflexion’s team built a number of media players from scratch.

The solution also allows categorizing clips into folders, emailing videos directly from the system and tracking file status at any time. To support status tracking, we implemented automated e-mail notification with the use of Amazon SES (Simple Email Service). 

Seamless Video Streaming

Iflexion integrated the solution with the Microsoft Expression Encoder to let users add music and effects to videos without losing its quality. The system uses Amazon CloudFront content delivery network providing end users with high-speed real-time data transfer. Our team created an intuitive and compelling user interface matching the one of the Customer’s solution. A catching and enjoyable interface, a quick response and an original look and feel altogether contribute to the positive user experience.

Development Process

The collaboration on developing the video management software started with the in-depth requirements gathering and analysis essential to the proper architecture design and development. During the development stage, Iflexion kept the Customer informed about the new functional implementations and the emerging challenges at the project’s complex stages, such as web services infrastructure deployment and video editing or conversion features implementation on the server side. 

Quality Assurance

Iflexion delegated dedicated QA specialists to ensure the high quality of the delivered software. The project was covered by all-round QA, including pre-release code reviews and manual unit, acceptance, and regression testing to examine whether the enhancements meet the Customer’s requirements. 


Having extended video management features of the Customer’s solution, Iflexion successfully improved the way sports videos are managed, edited, and shared online.

The Customer kept on collaborating with Iflexion. Our team provided maintenance and support services, fixed shortcomings in the system and enhanced its functionality further.


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