Advanced Email Marketing and Advertising System

  • Co-development and maintenance of a powerful word-of-mouth marketing and advertising platform
  • Continuous configuration and  implementation of custom features for the system’s end users
  • Building trust-based and conflict-free relationships between Iflexion and the Customer’s team
Web & Enterprise Portals
Social Networking
Business Intelligence

Having earned Larosco’s loyalty in previous projects, Iflexion becomes a reliable long-term partner, upscaling the Customer’s internal development team.



Our Customer is Larosco, a UK-based company specializing on digital referral marketing and advertising software. 

The company boasts an innovative SaaS-based product – Bongomagic – assisting companies in promoting their products, services and job openings, based on online social referral principles.

Aimed at continuous enhancement and functionality extension of their core product, Larosco required to augment the in-house team with top-notch software engineers. Taking the previous win-win experience of collaboration with Iflexion, they selected our company for the long-term partnership.


Bongomagic enables companies to increase product sales, expand their customer database and hire the best brains by leveraging the potential of social networks.

Efficient Word-of-Mouth Promotion

By rewarding users for making personal recommendations and promoting products in social networks, the application motivates users to do a great deal of the marketing staff’s job. When making recommendations, users collect points and receive reward payments that are processed automatically.

Prospects Investigation

The solution is instrumental in successful product promotion for new and emerging customers by using the existing contact database. Integration with social networks makes it possible to research existing customers’ contact lists and target passive audience, who are not currently looking for but may be interested in the offered services later on. Related contacts are imported from a variety of different sources – Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Xing, CSV and XLS local files.

End-to-End Marketing Campaigns Management

An easy-to-use, step-by-step campaign management mechanism enables even inexperienced users to design dynamic and attractive online marketing campaigns. Unifying contacts, products, services and vacancies, and uploading descriptions, images, videos, users can launch campaigns immediately or at a pre-scheduled time. Thanks to the advanced BI engine, the system makes it possible to view the underlying data of marketing campaigns. After a complex analysis of multiple data (customer activity, incentive payments etc.) the solution creates comprehensive custom reports on overall campaigns effectiveness.

Seamless Integration with Businesses

The system is designed to incorporate faultlessly into existing business canvas. There is no need in manual transferring of information between the portal’s database and internal systems – sales order processing and applicant tracking solutions, ERP and CRM systems, intranets – as it integrates with them automatically.

Security First

As Bongomagic deals with personal user data collected from social networks, Iflexion developers put special emphasis on information security. The team offered a non-standard approach to the data encryption model of the solution, which resulted in better information security than had been planned.

Development Process

As the Customer approached Iflexion with a clear vision of the solution, the team was involved on the development stage with ongoing integration, testing, maintenance and support.

The development process was organized in the most cost and time-efficient way for the Customer within the dedicated team collaboration model.

Iflexion’s team managed to easily integrate into the Customer’s existing processes, utilizing Agile methods and keeping up with priorities identified in daily communication. The challenging points of the development process were discussed collectively and resulted in a variety of approaches to problem resolution, but it was the Customer who made the final decision on the idea to follow.

At present the major part of Iflexion’s activity is dedicated to implementation of custom features on the end users’ individual request (specific links generation, database content encryption, etc.). Engaged in long-term collaboration, Iflexion’s dedicated team is to solve these constantly emerging tasks.

After several months of successful collaboration, the customer ordered the development of a Facebook app to expand the solution’s reach and increase the number of its users.

 With the present vast popularity of Facebook the solution delivered gives better ways to strengthen end user-customer networks.

The application repeats the functionality of the Bongomagic portal, but expands its Facebook integration abilities – from just posting marketing campaigns to the wall to mass sharing products, services and opening jobs with all or selected friends. Moreover, the Facebook app gives the customer’s clients better ways to stay up to date with target audience interests, collecting statistics on mostly viewed and shared posts.

Nowadays, Iflexion’s team is engaged in both the app development and the web site upgrade.


From the technical perspective, the solution is built on Django application framework. The presentational layer is based on HTML, CSS, JavaScript technologies and boasts attractive design and a user-friendly interface.

Business logic is implemented with Python, while PostgreSQL, Solr and highly scalable graph database Neo4J are used as the persistence layer. The portal was integrated with GoogleAnalytics for analysis and report generation features and with social networks for the search of potential customers.

To develop Facebook application Iflexion’s team employed django-facebook, an extensible Django plugin for building Facebook integrated sites


Being Larosco’s strategic technology partner, Iflexion’s dedicated team ensured ultimate project transparency and seamless communication with the Customer regardless of time and date. Up to now, Iflexion specialists continue to ensure high system performance and technical relevance, leveraging best development practices and modern technologies. The system is currently used by thousands of people from hundreds of companies allowing for:

  • Generating new customers and improving retention rates by using an existing customer contact database
  • Finding good quality candidates and automating users employee referral program
  • Generating new and more receptive customers and players for the online gaming, betting and gambling industry sectors whilst at the same time significantly reducing digital marketing costs


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