Word-of-Mouth Marketing Software Development

  • Co-development and maintenance of a powerful word-of-mouth marketing and advertising platform
  • Continuous configuration and  implementation of custom features for the system’s end users
  • Building trust-based and conflict-free relationships between Iflexion and the Customer’s team
Web & Enterprise Portals
Social Networking
Business Intelligence

Having earned Larosco’s loyalty in previous projects, Iflexion becomes a reliable long-term partner, upscaling the Customer’s internal development team.



Our Customer is Larosco, a British company specializing in digital referral marketing and advertising software.

The company boasts an innovative SaaS-based product – Bongomagic – assisting companies in promoting their services and products, as well as job openings, based on online social referral principles.

Aimed at continuous enhancement and functionality extension of their core product, Larosco required an augmentation to their in-house team with top-notch software Python developers. Taking our previous collaboration into account, Larosco selected Iflexion for this long-term partnership on its proprietary marketing software development.


Bongomagic leverages the power of social networks in order to help companies to improve sales, grow their customer base and recruit the best talent.

Efficient Word-of-Mouth Promotion

By rewarding users for making personal recommendations and promoting products on social networks, this application motivates users to do a great deal of the marketing staff’s job. When making recommendations, users collect points and receive reward payments that are processed automatically.

Prospects Investigation

The solution uses the client's contact database to promote products successfully to new and future customers, using the current contact database. The current customer database is leveraged to find a new audience, using the social network connections of the existing contacts. 

This is a passive audience, which may not be ready to purchase immediately, but can be nurtured until they qualify for a sales contact.

The data sources utilized include Hotmail, Gmail, and LinkedIn, amongst others.

End-to-End Marketing Campaigns Management

The simple-to-use UI of the campaign management mechanism enables even the most inexperienced user to plan and design an attractive and dynamic online marketing campaign. By combining contacts, services, products and vacancies, and uploading descriptions, images and videos, users can either immediately launch campaigns or schedule them for a later date. Thanks to the advanced BI engine, the application gives visibility and transparency to the underlying information of the marketing campaigns. The ROI of each campaign is reported on by an intricate analysis of customer data (customer activities, incentives, etc.) followed by the creation of a set of custom reports that provide comprehensive information on the campaign's overall effectiveness.

Seamless Integration with Businesses

The system is designed to incorporate faultlessly into the existing business canvas. The need to transfer information manually between the database of the portal and the supporting internal systems has been removed. In line with the Customer’s marketing software development requirements, the solution can seamlessly integrate with support systems for sales processing and job applicant tracking, as well as with CRM, ERP and intranets.

Security First

Bongomagic uses personal customer data aggregated via social networks, which must be protected. For this reason, the Iflexion team put special effort into developing comprehensive information security, delivering a customized data encryption framework for the solution.

Development Process

As the client approached Iflexion with a clear vision of the solution, the team was involved throughout the marketing software development stage with ongoing integration, testing, maintenance and support.

The development process was organized in the most cost and time-efficient way for the client, within the dedicated team collaboration model.

The Iflexion team managed to easily integrate into the client’s existing processes, utilizing Agile methods and keeping up with priorities identified in daily communication. The challenging points of the development process were discussed collectively and resulted in a variety of approaches to problem resolution, but it was the client who made the final decision on the idea to follow.

At present, the major part of Iflexion’s activity is dedicated to the implementation of custom features on the end users’ individual request (specific links generation, database content encryption, etc.). Engaged in long-term collaboration, Iflexion’s dedicated team aims to solve these constantly emerging tasks.

After a couple of months of fruitful collaboration, our customer requested the inclusion of an application for Facebook into the suite. This would expand the reach of the solution, resulting in an increase in the total number of users.

The overwhelming global engagement of Facebook ensured that the deliverable provides a new avenue for strengthening end-user-to-customer networks.The program suite is based on the Bongomagic web portal functionality, with considerable expansion of its integration with Facebook – migrating from simple posting of marketing campaigns on a Facebook wall to the mass sharing of services, products and job openings with some or all friends. In addition, the Facebook application helps the client’s customers with improved ways to keep themselves informed about the changing interests of target audiences, by collating statistics on most commonly viewed, shared and liked posts. Nowadays, Iflexion’s team is engaged in both the app development and the web portal upgrade.


From a technological perspective, the solution is Django-based. The presentation layer uses a mix of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript technologies; it boasts an attractive design with an intuitive, user-friendly GUI.

Python was used for the business logic. The persistence layer incorporates Solr, PostgreSQL,  and the massively scalable graphic database Neo4J. The web portal was tightly coupled with Google Analytics to provide analytics as well as report generation capabilities. Integration with the various social networks to search for potential customers was built for each network.

In order to develop the Facebook interface, Iflexion’s team used django-facebook, which is a Django plugin extension to aid in building integrated Facebook sites.


As Larosco’s strategic partner for technology, Iflexion’s dedicated team maintained total project transparency as well as seamless real-time communication with Larosco's stakeholders. The delivered system has been adopted at many companies, where thousands of users embraced the following capabilities:

  • New customer generation and improvement of retention rates through using the existing customer relationship database.
  • Recruiting quality candidates as well as the automation of the users' referral program.
  • Generating a base of new, more engaged players and customers in the online gambling, betting, and gaming industry, simultaneously reducing the costs of digital marketing significantly.

Till now, Iflexion is maintaining system performance and technical evolution by leveraging best practices in development and the latest technologies.


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