Advanced SharePoint Document Management Solution for an Oil & Gas Enterprise

  • Full-cycle document management
  • System of links connecting all the documents
  • Interactive document structure
Content & Document Management
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Oil & Gas

Using document management solution created by Iflexion team, Customer’s employees can easily process large amount of corporate content.



Our Customer is one of the leading oil & gas enterprises developing over 2000 square kilometers of license areas.

The Customer needed an advanced document management solution to process legal e-documents and ensure collaborative work between company divisions. 


Iflexion’s team delivered a fully functioning SharePoint document management solution. The system allows for:

  • Creating, editing and storing various regulatory acts
  • Managing security issues
  • Navigating through documents

For easy document creation Iflexion created bilingual patterns.

Information integrity

The solution is designed to provide information integrity for all the document data thanks to:

  • Flexible system of links connecting all the documents
  • Automated content refreshing

Generating appendices

As the Customer is an international enterprise, Iflexion team implemented an opportunity to create appendices to document in English, Russian or both languages simultaneously.

Among the examples of corporate glossary elements for appendices generation are:

  • Links to external and internal, lower and upper level regulatory acts
  • Terms and definitions
  • Abbreviations

A term or abbreviation can have several meanings displayed in the system, as well as links to internal documents containing terms.

Interactive document hierarchy

We applied JavaScript to make multilevel document structure interactive. All documents are visualized in a form of a tree, so that users can promptly find the document location.

Prompt document search

Users are able to search for documents in 2 languages applying several criteria: date created, document status, version, presence of certain key words and phrases. Employees can also offer their version of a term translation via commenting.

There is an option to look for regulatory acts that were rejected, or have their validity about to expire, as well as a list of documents that were not uploaded with its root causes. 


On a tight schedule, Iflexion team developed and implemented the corporate SharePoint document management solution ensuring quick access to the up-to-date information. The system allows to:

  • Automate everyday work
  • Optimize employees’ collaboration
  • Track document statuses in a multilevel hierarchy

The Customer was satisfied with the results and continues collaboration with Iflexion entrusting us development of a business process automation system.

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