Advanced Corporate Education Portal Development for PayPal

  • Role-based corporate learning portal covering end-to-end online and off-line employee training
  • Comprehensive report generation
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Seeking to support a new technical staff training strategy, PayPal turned to Iflexion for development of a splendid learning portal.



Our Customer - PayPal - is the world’s leading online payments system provider, operating in 203 markets and having 179 million active, registered accounts.  With 15000+ full-time employees, the staff constantly enlarging and the market coverage expanding, the company was highly interested in efficient and consistent personnel training from their first working days.  

Considering the size and geographical presence of the company, a centralized learning management system with formalized training processes would be the best option. Relying on our sustained expertise in education portal development for enterprises, PayPal turned to Iflexion for implementation of the corporate training portal integrated into the company’s IT infrastructure. 


As the sole vendor engaged for the project, Iflexion performed the whole stack of the SDLC, including requirements elaboration, tech consulting, portal design, implementation and QA followed by further enhancement and support.

Our team selected the Moodle e-learning platform as a basis and PHP as the fundamental technology for the portal’s development. The Moodle LMS enables

The PHP-based portal developed on top of Moodle e-learning platform is designed for proactive management of online and offline training courses. Moodle LMS is leveraged to handle SCORM compliant online learning objects – quizzes, online courses, tests, assignments, etc.

The developed solution offers the following functionality:

The solution also provides for rich report generation features, enabling learning managers to obtain comprehensive insights of the team performance, registrations, opts in/out, attendance and passes/fails to effectively track trainees’ progress. 

Smooth Knowledge Transfer to PayPal’s Team

As soon as the education portal development was completed, there emerged a necessity for transferring the project knowledge to the PayPal’s internal team for ongoing system support. The challenge was to provide for smooth integration of the solution into the IT infrastructure,  and establish seamless access of the geographically scattered employees to the project knowledge base. Iflexion organized frequent online video conferences that didn’t hinder PayPal’s core business processes, and in 2 months, the company’s personnel was fully capable of supporting the delivered solution.


Iflexion team developed the solution based on an open-source learning management platform Moodle that is actually a digital space for storing self-contained ZIP files with educational content. Compliance with the SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) standard ensures ubiquitous access to learning materials.

The portal is integrated with the PayPal corporate network through a Single Sign-On (SSO): it can be accessed by any employee at PayPal with personal credentials.


Used by thousands of PayPal’s employees, the developed solution played the decisive role in shaping a new advanced vision of the company’s new hire training, enabling tech personnel to reduce the learning curve and minimize the time to commencing active contribution to the company’s operations. 

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