Iflexion develops custom logistics management software to help logistics and transportation companies streamline critical business processes, automate time-consuming operations, optimize the workload, and improve customer experience.

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Our Logistics Software Development Services

We provide end-to-end logistics app development services that help optimize resource-intensive tasks of the industry and increase operational efficiency.

Logistics App Development

Iflexion specializes in web and mobile logistics app development. We create tailored solutions for managing a full range of logistic operations, from document flows to inventory monitoring. We develop systems from scratch, upgrade existing solutions, and replace obsolete software to let companies evolve and support their expanding teams and goals.

Cloud Migration

Our software engineers can move your legacy system to the cloud in order to provide flexible computing resources, let office-based and field employees access the system from anywhere via any device, as well as create a collaborative space for geographically distributed workers with all the documents, shipment records, orders, and contacts in one place.

Third-party Service Integration

In order to provide logistics companies with an all-in-one software suite able to address various business needs, we integrate our logistics software with third-party data sources and services, such as GPS tracking, maps, telematics data, analytics, e-signatures, and more. To connect external services and synchronize their operation, we use APIs or develop custom connectors.

Logistics Data Management

To help logistics businesses adopt a data-driven mindset, we set up data collection, cleaning, structuring and analysis systems. We connect disparate data sources from different devices, vehicles, CRMs, ERPs, and other tools, and introduce analytics to identify problems, trends, and opportunities as well as get real-time insights and long-term predictions.

Logistics Management Software Solutions

As a logistics software development company, Iflexion builds and integrates specialized solutions, ensuring control and visibility into any logistic process.

Supply Chain Management

Relying on our supply chain software development expertise, we engineer apps that streamline order placement, delivery, distribution, inventory and claim handling, among other processes. We provide centralized hubs with integrated data that can be accessed by all supply chain participants depending on their roles. Our software gives users the tools they need to increase performance, save time and resources, avoid disruptions, and render the best customer experience.

Fleet Management

We help our customers optimize transportation processes and better monitor their vehicles with our fleet management software. By means of location-aware and IoT technologies, our solutions provide speed and fuel usage monitoring, optimize fleet performance, boost safety, and improve driver experience. We also make sure that our software complies with the existing industry regulations.

Warehouse Management

We deliver flexible warehouse management solutions to optimize supply chain administration, inventory tracking, document generation, and storage facilities. Our logistics tracking software lets users control warehouse operations in real time once the goods enter a warehouse up to the dispatch. If necessary, we can integrate a warehouse management system with an ERP platform or external services, such as transportation management or analytical tools.

Transportation Management

Our bespoke transportation management software makes processes more transparent, optimizes delivery and route planning, and enables communication between drivers and on-site staff. We equip our solutions with electronic logging, dispatch management, real-time driver, cargo and vehicle tracking, and other features on demand. Our solutions let users gain better visibility into shipping workflows, boost performance, and automate follow-up operations, thus reducing human error risks.

Inventory Management

We engineer inventory management apps that keep our customers updated on every inventory-related event, which solves the problem of over- and under-stocking. This software enables extensive inventory tracking and monitoring possibilities, allowing for a more stringent quality control, streamlined sales cycles, and accurate procurement decisions. We can integrate these systems with third-party services, such as barcode scanning or smart stock notifications.
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Logistics and Transportation Platform Development

Iflexion can build your custom logistics solution on top of an off-the-shelf CRM or an ERP platform, such as Salesforce or SAP Commerce Cloud among others, and make it unique by integrating more multifunctional services.

CRM Development

We build CRM platforms that let logistics companies manage quotes, contracts, customer communication, and documents in one place, which allows businesses to provide a customer-centric experience. Such a platform can include the following features and tools:
  • Unified customer database
  • Order management
  • Sales pipeline management
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Customer service automation

ERP Development

Our ERP software helps logistics businesses streamline delivery and supply processes, use resources efficiently, and optimize operating costs along with their infrastructure investments. We can equip ERP platforms with the following tools and capabilities:
  • Integration with the warehouse and fleet management systems
  • Order and delivery management
  • Document generation automation
  • Data unification

Innovative Logistics Management

Our innovative solutions help logistics companies stay competitive in the digitally transformed market by means of connectivity, automation, data visibility, and business intelligence.

We develop and integrate IoT platforms to leverage historical and real-time data collected from connected devices such as cameras, beacons, sensors, and wearables used in the logistics infrastructure.

Our IoT ecosystems can accumulate location and environmental data that help improve fleet operation, supply chain management, public transportation, and more, as well as reduce downtime risks and provide remote diagnostics.

Our IoT platforms are instrumental in ensuring compliance with industry regulations and providing personal and material safety.

To let logistic companies handle more in less time without the need to grow their staff, we create smart algorithms for automating time-consuming and error-prone processes.

In order to build a successful intelligent automation strategy, we communicate closely with all the departments, identify use cases, and thoroughly test our solutions to ensure efficiency of implemented scenarios, such as building optimal delivery routes, optimizing resource and space usage, predicting maintenance issues, and more.

In order to democratize data interpretation and nurture data-driven decision making, we equip our logistics software with BI modules, developed from scratch or supplied by recognized vendors. Our solutions help structure and analyze real-time and historical data, support prescriptive and predictive analysis, identify trends, discrepancies, and extraordinary patterns.


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