Iflexion helps insurance agencies from all fields to go digital, improve their daily performance, and bring services closer to customers through bespoke solutions.

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Building Your Insurance Solution from the Ground Up


Proceeding from your requirements, we help you conceptualize your insurance solution and elaborate its architecture, tech stack, and feature set.

Design & Development

Iflexion’s software engineers provide step-by-step development of your insurance product, from the core functionality to value-adding features, while the design team creates an intuitive cross-platform user interface.

Data Migration & Deployment

We safely transfer legacy data volumes to new insurance software, deploy it to corporate ecosystems, and connect it with internal systems for seamless data exchange.

Our Insurance Software Solutions

Our team creates feature-rich modules that streamline complex insurance workflows and elevate user experience for both employees and clients.

Underwriting and Rating

Our engineers develop systems that allow insurers to easily create and update diverse algorithms for customer application evaluation, risk assessment, and insurance premium calculation.

Policy Management

We help keep track of issued insurance policies effortlessly with solutions for monitoring agreement lifecycles, updating legal and billing details, and renewing or terminating contracts automatically.

Claim Management

The Iflexion team delivers software solutions that determine the validity of property, health, or life insurance claims based on the policy terms, examinations, appraisements, and customers’ personal information.

Customer Relationship Management

To help your insurance teams streamline communication with current and prospective customers and manage leads and claims more efficiently, we offer to configure and customize CRM platforms or build solutions from scratch.

Document Management

Our developers design and implement systems that streamline and automate paperwork, document workflow management, and cross-department collaboration while ensuring shell-proof information security.


To simplify payment management, cut on paperwork, and reduce human error, Iflexion develops billing software that automates recurring billing and invoicing, maintains customer payment history, and generates comprehensive sales reports.

Fraud Detection

We create powerful engines to monitor and analyze insurance transactions, sift through incoming claims for anomalies and red flags, and single out potentially fraudulent applications.

Customer Self-service

Our team crafts multi-functional B2C portals that let clients easily manage their claims, access policy information and diverse self-help materials, as well as make secure payments.

Our Insurance Management Software Expertise

With our hands-on knowledge of insurance software and the industry, Iflexion shapes your solution’s feature set in line with your agency’s specialization.

Vehicle Insurance

When designing specialized car insurance systems, we implement:
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Highly configurable policy rules
  • Geolocation capabilities
  • Telematics 
  • Offline premium calculation

Health Insurance

Iflexion builds health insurance tools with the focus on:
  • HIPAA-compliant data management and reporting
  • Interoperability
  • Medical coding automation
  • Smooth user onboarding

Property and Casualty Insurance

Our solutions for property insurance brokers provide for:
  • Intuitive insurance product creation
  • Easy content management
  • Regulatory monitoring

Life and Annuity Insurance

Our engineers equip life insurance software with:
  • Advanced premium calculation algorithms
  • Group life insurance features
  • Policy expiration tracking 
  • Automated compliance checks
Need robust custom insurance software?
Our development team will roll it out.

Innovation-Driven Insurance Software Development

We make future-proof software by building emerging insurtech into corporate infrastructures and fine-tuning it for efficient long-term operation.


We can power up your operations with the distributed ledger software to further streamline claims handling and guard your insurance company against fraud.

Data Analytics

To help you translate the wealth of unstructured insurance data into actionable insights and compelling visuals, our experts can integrate a suitable BI solution into your workflows.

Virtual Assistants

Leveraging AI and NLP technologies, our engineers build digital assistants to handle laborious processes, from customer support and guidance to policy recommendation and claims processing.

Internet of Things

Iflexion develops IoT hubs for insurers to collect and process data from policy holders’ smart devices, enabling agents to accurately pinpoint the customer’s risks and simplify insurance investigations.

We Keep Your Legacy Software Up to Speed

Iflexion provides on-demand development for insurance companies who want their software to remain modern, user-friendly, and performing at the highest efficiency level at all times.

Reengineering & Redesign

To revitalize your legacy insurance software, we can refactor it on a more efficient technological platform, removing irrelevant and outdated features while preserving the solution’s core functionality. Our design team can also breathe new life into lackluster interfaces by rethinking the UX and revamping UI design.

Customization & Integration

Iflexion’s engineers fine-tune off-the-shelf software with tailor-made features in line with insurers’ needs. We connect these solutions to internal systems to facilitate effortless data exchange and render corporate digital solutions interoperable.

Mobile App Development

To help you meet the mobile-first demands and level up customer engagement, our development team builds iOS or Android insurance apps, native or cross-platform, to support your business processes and customer outreach strategies.

Quality Assurance

Our QA and testing specialists will thoroughly examine your digital insurance ecosystem before you bring it to the market and seek out all the functionality faults, performance bottlenecks, usability flaws, and security gaps undermining your software operability and user adoption.

Support and Maintenance

To keep your insurance software fully operational, we will perform regular updates and mission-critical configurations, detect and handle frontend and backend glitches, and come to your aid in case of any service disruption.


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